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Why Do I Keep Seeing Tarot Readings on TikTok: Explained

If you’ve been scrolling through TikTok recently, you might have noticed a surge in videos featuring tarot readings.

From quick daily guidance to in-depth explorations of spiritual questions, tarot content has found a vibrant new home on this platform.

But why is it becoming so prevalent? Let’s delve into the phenomenon of tarot’s rising presence on TikTok.

The prevalence of tarot readings on TikTok can be attributed to a perfect storm of cultural trends: a growing interest in spirituality among younger audiences, the visual and interactive nature of the platform, and the algorithm’s knack for curating hyper-personalized content.

Lets talk about:
🌕 The Rise of Spirituality on Social Media
🌔 The Algorithm & Personalization
🌓 Communication & Connection
🌒 Accessibility & Ease
🌑 Last Thoughts & Conclusion

The Rise of Spirituality on Social Media

A New Generation’s Quest for Meaning

Social media has become a beacon for spiritual exploration among younger generations. In a world that often feels uncertain, many users are turning to spirituality and ancient practices like tarot for guidance and reassurance.

Tarot as a Visual Storytelling Medium

Tarot’s rich symbolism and imagery lend themselves perfectly to the visual-centric nature of TikTok. The cards offer compelling narratives in bite-sized formats, ideal for the short attention spans common to the platform’s users.

The Algorithm and Personalization

The “For You” Page Magic

TikTok’s algorithm is uncannily good at curating content based on your interests. If you’ve interacted with spiritual content before, the platform will likely funnel more tarot readings into your “For You” page.

Engagement and Virality

Tarot readings often invite interaction, such as likes or comments, which TikTok’s algorithm interprets as interest, thereby pushing similar content to a wider audience and increasing the prevalence of tarot readings on user feeds.

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Community and Connection

Hashtags and Tarot Communities

The use of hashtags like #TarotTikTok creates micro-communities where enthusiasts can share readings and discuss interpretations, fostering a sense of connection and belonging.

Collective Readings as Social Bonds

Collective readings, where a single set of cards is pulled for all viewers, create a shared experience that can resonate on a personal level, deepening the viewers’ sense of community and togetherness.

Accessibility and Ease

Democratizing Tarot Readings

With TikTok, tarot readings are no longer confined to those who seek them out in specialty shops or private sessions. They are now accessible to anyone with a smartphone, demystifying the practice and inviting curiosity.

Quick Learning and Sharing

TikTok’s format is conducive to learning and sharing quick tarot tips and meanings, making it easier for newcomers to dive into tarot without being overwhelmed by its complexity.


The explosion of tarot readings on TikTok can be attributed to a mix of generational shifts, the platform’s unique algorithm, and a growing desire for community and spiritual connection in the digital age.

Whether you’re a tarot enthusiast or a curious onlooker, it’s clear that the ancient practice of tarot has found a new, modern audience on TikTok, one quick swipe at a time.

As you engage with these tarot readings, remember that each card and reading opens a door to introspection and personal growth—a timeless appeal that transcends the ever-changing landscape of social media platforms.