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What Tarot Card Indicates Fertility: 6 KEY Cards!

Fertility, in the broadest sense, encompasses more than the capacity for childbirth; it’s about the potential for creation, growth, and the inception of new ideas and projects.

In tarot, several cards are traditionally associated with fertility, each offering unique insights into different aspects of this expansive theme.

Whether you’re exploring fertility in terms of family planning, creative projects, or new ventures, understanding which tarot cards symbolize this potent life force can provide profound guidance.

Lets talk about:
🌕 Major Arcana Cards Indicating Fertility
🌔 Minor Arcana Cards Indicating Fertility
🌓 Interpreting Fertility in Tarot Readings
🌒 Several Other Cards To Know About…

Major Arcana Cards Indicating Fertility

There are THREE main cards in the Major Arcana representing fertility and they include The Empress, The High Priestess and The Sun.

The Empress

The Empress is perhaps the most iconic card representing fertility within the tarot. She embodies the mother figure of the Major Arcana, symbolizing abundance, nurturing, and the birth of something new. This card suggests a very fertile period, whether you’re hoping to start a family, plant the seeds for a new business, or initiate any creative endeavor. The Empress encourages you to embrace growth and trust in the natural progression of your efforts.

The High Priestess

While not directly a symbol of physical fertility, The High Priestess represents intuition, hidden knowledge, and the subconscious. Her appearance in a reading can indicate a fertile ground for ideas and spiritual growth, encouraging introspection and listening to one’s inner voice for guidance.

The Sun

The Sun is a vibrant card, full of vitality, joy, and energy. It suggests success, vitality, and the fruition of efforts. In the context of fertility, The Sun is a positive omen, indicating that conditions are ripe for bringing new life into the world or for your endeavors to prosper.

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While tarot readings can provide amazing insight into what might be, for a more accurate result it will always be best to consult a medical professional.

Minor Arcana Cards Indicating Fertility

In the Minor Arcana there are another THREE cards that indicate fertility, and they include Ace of Pentacles, Page of Cups, and Ten of Cups.

Ace of Pentacles

The Aces in tarot represent new beginnings, and the Ace of Pentacles, in particular, signifies prosperity, abundance, and the potential for material and physical growth. It’s a card that bodes well for starting new ventures, including those related to increasing family size or embarking on projects that require a strong foundation.

Page of Cups

The Page of Cups is often associated with messages and the beginnings of emotional or creative journeys. This card can suggest the birth of a child, the start of a new and emotionally fulfilling project, or the initial stages of a venture that brings joy and satisfaction.

Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups embodies emotional contentment, familial bliss, and a sense of wholeness achieved through loving relationships. It can indicate a fertile period in a metaphorical sense, where the querent’s emotional environment supports the nurturing and growth of new family members or ideas.

Interpreting Fertility in Tarot Readings

When seeking guidance on fertility through tarot, it’s essential to approach the cards with an open heart and mind. The cards can offer symbolic guidance, reflecting underlying energies and potential outcomes. Remember, tarot readings are not fixed predictions but tools for reflection and understanding.

Several Other Cards To Know About…

While the previously mentioned cards are among the most directly associated with fertility in tarot readings, several other cards can also relate to fertility, growth, and the nurturing of new ventures or ideas.

Fertility, in tarot, can manifest in various forms, including creative projects, personal growth, and the beginnings of new chapters in life. Here are additional cards that can symbolize aspects of fertility:

The Magician

  • The Magician represents manifesting one’s reality through the power of intention and skill. This card suggests having all the tools necessary to bring a new project or desire to fruition, embodying the creative force needed to initiate action.

The Moon

  • The Moon often deals with the subconscious and intuition but can also indicate cycles and changes, reflecting the natural rhythms of life and fertility. It reminds us of the ebb and flow of our lives and the potential for growth during periods of transition.

Queen of Pentacles

  • The Queen of Pentacles is another figure that embodies fertility, abundance, and nurturing. This card often represents a motherly figure who provides practical support and comfort, making it conducive to growth and the realization of physical and material goals.

Seven of Pentacles

  • The Seven of Pentacles speaks to the patience required in waiting for something to grow and mature. It’s often associated with the cultivation of long-term projects or investments, including those related to family planning or the development of creative endeavors.

Ace of Wands

  • The Ace of Wands signifies a new beginning, bursting with energy and potential. This card is particularly related to creativity and passion, making it relevant to discussions about fertility in terms of inspiration and the spark of new ideas.

Three of Cups

  • The Three of Cups celebrates community, friendship, and joyous gatherings. It can indicate a fertile period of emotional support and happiness shared with close friends and family, which can be conducive to creative and personal growth.

Knight of Cups

  • The Knight of Cups represents an offer or opportunity, often of an emotional or creative nature. This card can suggest the arrival of a new, fertile phase in one’s life, marked by romance, creativity, or the pursuit of one’s dreams.

Each of these cards can contribute to a broader understanding of fertility in a tarot reading, depending on the question asked, the context, and the other cards drawn.

Fertility, as a theme, is not limited to physical reproduction but encompasses the birth of new ideas, projects, and phases of life. These cards, individually or in combination, can offer insights into the querent’s potential for nurturing and developing their aspirations into reality.


Fertility in tarot is a multifaceted concept, represented by several cards across the Major and Minor Arcana. These cards can offer encouragement, highlight areas for growth, and suggest the timing might be right for new beginnings.

Whether your interest in fertility is physical, creative, or emotional, the tarot provides a rich symbolic language to explore this profound aspect of life. Reflecting on the cards associated with fertility can help illuminate the path forward, offering insight and hope for the future.