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Tower Tarot Card Meaning: Love, Money, Careers, & Life

Many tarot enthusiasts have a nuanced relationship with the Tower tarot card. Alongside the Death and Devil cards, it is one of the most daunting cards in the deck, particularly if it appears in a future position.

Nevertheless, like all of the 78 tarot cards, the Tower possesses both optimistic and pessimistic interpretations.

If the Tower card materializes during a reading, it may signal an impending loss. As it symbolizes both release and tragedy, this could be the case, but the chance of a new beginning is just as probable.

Continue reading to understand more about this Major Arcana card and its potential significance in your life.

Tower Tarot Card Keywords

Let’s start by taking a glimpse at the central themes connected to the Tower card before we delve deeper into the upright and reversed meanings, and its links to love, work, and life.

  • Upright: Sudden and drastic changes, liberation, devastating loss, disaster, enlightenment
  • Reversed: Dodging changes, eluding disaster, a close call, postponing the inevitable
  • Yes or No: No
PositionTower Tarot Card
UprightSudden change, upheaval, unexpected events, revelation, crisis
ReversedFear of change, resisting inevitable events, avoided disaster, delay in confronting reality
Yes or NoNo

The Tower Tarot Card Basics

The Tower tarot card, featuring a gloomy backdrop and a distressing overall atmosphere, illustrates a burning tower of dread.

Perched on a craggy mountain, the fiery pinnacle towers high. The steeple’s peak has been obliterated and replaced with a bolt of lightning and flames, with smoke billowing from the top and sides.

Despite representing a range of situations, the crown at the pinnacle of the card signifies the material world and aspirations.

What is most unsettling is the sight of panic-stricken individuals who have leapt from the Tower and are plummeting towards their demise. The imminent total destruction is unmistakable, and there’s no turning back.

Upright Tower Tarot Card Interpretation

The Tower card epitomizes complete destruction. If the upright Tower tarot card emerges in your reading, brace yourself for a sudden transformation.

However, just like any loss, this transition will likely be painful. But it also has the potential to pave the way for a new beginning. To initiate these positive changes, you must first confront the reality of your situation.

Are you ready to face the crisis unflinchingly, to see through deceptions and let go of your expectations? Taking this first step is crucial.

Financial and Career Contexts

The Tower card signifies instability in all areas, most notably in matters of career and finances.

The Tower’s downfall often leads to job loss, prolonged unemployment, or an extremely stressful work environment. In terms of business, the Tower may suggest an unexpected failure.

Similarly, the Tower card can denote financial collapse, legal issues, or bankruptcy. If the card hasn’t appeared in a past position, it’s not a time for frivolous expenses or substantial investments.

It’s advisable to adopt a conservative stance until this phase passes. Luckily, even the drastic changes the Tower card signifies are not permanent.

Love and Relationship Contexts

In the realm of love and relationships, the Tower generally predicts the end of a friendship, a break-up, or a divorce.

What about love? If the Tower tarot card is drawn in a love reading, the odds of a positive outcome are slim.

Still, this is down to interpretation. It’s painful moving on from someone you love. But it could suggest that it’s for the better, in the long run.

The culmination is frequently linked to some form of deception and the subsequent revelation of the truth. Explosive confrontations and emotional breakdowns might ensue.

This is unlikely to be the friendly parting that many hope for at the end of a relationship chapter.

Though losing a loved one or a potential future partner can be a bitter experience, this transition is necessary if things aren’t meant to be.

Health and Spiritual Contexts

As one might expect, the Tower tarot card symbolizes poor health. It often surfaces in a reading preceding or following a sudden illness, pregnancy loss, or an intense bout of depression.

Feelings of sorrow, despair, and discouragement frequently accompany this 16th card of the Major Arcana. Do you feel trapped in your mind or body, powerless to alter the things you wish were different?

You may not have the power to halt the destruction the Tower card represents, but you can learn to accept your current circumstances. Instead of dwelling on the unchangeable, focus on the changes you can make to improve your situation.

If you draw this card in response to a question about spiritual or psychic development, the message is somewhat more encouraging. While you might have to let go of outdated beliefs, now is the time to embrace your true self.

The Reversed Tower Tarot Meaning

Do you find yourself clinging to individuals, places, or things that no longer serve you out of fear? This is a common situation depicted by the reversed Tower.

The reversed Tower suggests that even though we often recognize the need to let go, we tend to hold on even tighter. Ultimately, things will collapse, and we’ll regret the time we wasted.

The Tower: Yes or No?

If you’re hoping for a positive outcome, the answer is no. The Tower tarot card in a Yes or No reading suggests that now isn’t the time to launch a new business, expand your role at work, or elevate your relationship.

Can The Tower Tarot Be Positive?

Yes, Absolutely!

Although the Tower card is typically associated with unexpected change and turmoil, it also carries a silver lining that points to potential growth and enlightenment.

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Many people fear the Tower because it represents the sudden upheaval of existing structures in life. But it’s important to remember that these structures can be limiting beliefs, unfulfilling relationships, or jobs that don’t bring us happiness. In this sense, the Tower can symbolize liberation from these constraints and offer the chance for a fresh start.

In the wake of the Tower’s chaos, there are opportunities for immense personal growth and self-discovery. It can serve as a wake-up call that prompts you to reevaluate your life choices and move towards a path that truly aligns with your values and aspirations.

Moreover, the Tower card in a spiritual context is a signal for transformative personal growth. It may point to a time when you let go of old belief systems and embrace your authentic self, even if it means going against the societal norms. It’s a call to remain true to who you are.

The Tower Tarot Card Combinations

The Tower card in tarot holds powerful meanings and interpretations, but when combined with other cards, its messages can become even more nuanced. Here’s an expanded look at some of the important combinations of the Tower card:

1. The Tower and The Chariot

the tower and the chariot meaning

The pairing of the Tower and the Chariot suggests an upheaval followed by a significant triumph. Despite the apparent turmoil, you have the power and control to navigate through these changes. This combination challenges you to identify what you can control, what you need to let go of, and how to steer your life towards success. It’s a call for confidence, willpower, and determination.

2. The Tower and Temperance

the tower and temperance

When the Tower is paired with Temperance, it indicates a need for balance, patience, and compromise during times of upheaval. It could be that a difficult situation can be salvaged through moderation, understanding, and diplomacy. It suggests that not all is lost, and through careful negotiation and finding a middle ground, you can restore harmony.

3. The Tower and Death

the tower and death

The Tower and Death combination signifies a profound and permanent transformation. The changes brought about by the Tower will be enduring and significant, leading to a completely new phase of life. The key here is not to resist or fear the change. Instead, look for insights from other cards in the spread to understand better where the transformation will occur and how best to handle it.

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4. The Tower and The High Priestess

the tower and the high priestess

When the Tower and the High Priestess appear together, it’s a call for personal accountability amidst the chaos. The High Priestess speaks of intuition, secrets, and inner wisdom. In this pairing, it suggests that you have an innate understanding of the situation, and you need to take responsibility for your actions and decisions. It highlights that while you can’t control others, you have power over your reactions, the boundaries you set, and how you move forward after the upheaval.

5. The Tower and The Lovers

the tower and the lovers

When paired with the Lovers, the Tower could signify an abrupt change in a relationship or a tough decision that needs to be made. It may indicate the end of a relationship, but it could also suggest a period of turmoil followed by the resolution of issues that have been causing friction. The Lovers represents harmony, unity, and balance, suggesting that once the dust settles, there’s potential for renewed harmony and understanding.

Reading The Tower Tarot

Interpreting the Tower card in a tarot reading depends heavily on its position and the context of the question. While it often signifies a sudden, dramatic change, it also comes with a promise of growth, resilience, and enlightenment. Here’s an expanded guide to reading the Tower Tarot:

1. Position in the Spread

The Tower’s position in the spread influences its interpretation. For instance, if it appears in the past position, it indicates a significant event or situation that has already occurred, causing upheaval but also paving the way for a fresh start.

If the Tower shows up in the present position, you might be experiencing a sudden change or disruption in your life right now. This upheaval could seem challenging, but it is important to remember that it’s clearing the way for something better.

If the Tower is in the future position, prepare for a significant change or disruption that is coming. This can be intimidating, but knowing it’s coming can also be a blessing as it allows you to prepare and adapt.

2. Surrounding Cards

The cards surrounding the Tower can provide more context and nuances to its meaning. For instance, if the Tower is next to positive cards like the Star or the Sun, the upheaval will likely lead to a positive outcome sooner rather than later.

On the other hand, if it’s next to more challenging cards such as the Devil or the Ten of Swords, the changes could be quite difficult to navigate and might require more time and effort to overcome.

3. Question or Situation

The context of the question or the situation can also shape the interpretation of the Tower. For instance, in a career reading, it might mean a sudden job change, a shake-up in the workplace, or an unexpected opportunity.

In a relationship reading, the Tower can suggest an unforeseen revelation, a breakup, or a significant change in the dynamics of the relationship. Remember, even in challenging times, the Tower presents an opportunity for growth and a fresh start.

4. Upright vs. Reversed

The orientation of the Tower card also influences its reading. In an upright position, the Tower signifies a sudden, unexpected change or upheaval. It may be challenging, but it’s necessary for growth and transformation.

In a reversed position, the Tower may signify a fear of change or the avoidance of a necessary upheaval. It might also indicate that you’re already in the midst of the chaos and are nearing the end of it, or that a significant change has been delayed or averted.

In conclusion, while the Tower can seem intimidating, it’s a card of radical transformation. It forces you out of complacency, propelling you into action and growth. It reminds us that sometimes, life’s most profound lessons and transformations are born out of crisis and change.