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The Hermit as Advice: Upright & Reversed Explained

In the journey of the tarot, The Hermit stands as a beacon of introspection, solitude, and wisdom.

When this major arcana card appears as advice in a reading, it carries profound meanings and guidance for the querent.

The Hermit encourages us to look inward, seek our inner truth, and embrace a period of solitary reflection for personal growth.

This guide explores the depth of The Hermit as advice, offering insights into how to navigate this introspective journey.

Lets talk about:
🌕 Understanding The Hermit: Basics
🌔 How To Respond To This Reading
🌓 Upright Hermit as Advice
🌒 Reversed Hermit as Advice
🌑 Last Thoughts

Understanding The Hermit: Basics

The Hermit is depicted as an elderly figure standing alone at the peak of a mountain, holding a lantern that lights his way. This imagery symbolizes the search for personal truth and the light of wisdom that comes from within.

In the tarot, The Hermit is associated with Virgo, a zodiac sign known for meticulousness, analysis, and a deep sense of humanity. This connection underscores the themes of introspection and the pursuit of deeper understanding that The Hermit represents.

How To Respond To This Reading

I always receive questions about how someone should respond to a certain reading. So let’s cover this below. If you’ve received the hermit in the context of advice, here’s what I have for you!

➡️ Embrace Solitude

The Hermit’s appearance suggests a call to withdraw from the external world and enter a period of solitude. This isn’t about loneliness but about finding a sacred space where you can listen to your inner voice without the distractions of everyday life.

  • Practical Steps: Dedicate time for solitude, whether it’s a quiet evening at home or a solo retreat in nature. Use this time to meditate, journal, or engage in any activity that allows you to connect deeply with yourself.

➡️ Seek Inner Wisdom

This card advises you to look inward for answers. The wisdom you seek is already within you, waiting to be uncovered. The Hermit’s journey is one of self-discovery and understanding that external validation cannot replace personal truth.

  • Practical Steps: Practice meditation or mindfulness to quiet the mind and allow your inner wisdom to surface. Reflect on your experiences, beliefs, and values to understand what truly matters to you.

➡️ Simplify Your Life

The Hermit’s lifestyle is minimalist, focusing on what is essential. This card encourages you to eliminate unnecessary distractions and focus on what gives your life meaning and purpose.

  • Practical Steps: Assess your life to identify what is truly important. Simplify your commitments, declutter your space, and prioritize activities that align with your inner values and goals.

➡️ Reflect on Your Path

The guidance of The Hermit extends to contemplation about your life’s direction. It’s a prompt to reassess your journey, considering if you’re aligned with your true purpose.

  • Practical Steps: Set aside time for deep reflection on your life path. Consider if your current direction aligns with your values and if not, contemplate the adjustments needed to realign.

➡️ Illuminate Your Truth

Just as The Hermit holds a lantern to light his path, you are encouraged to illuminate your truth and share it with the world. Your unique insights and wisdom can serve as a guide for others.

  • Practical Steps: Once you have clarity on your personal truth, think of ways you can express and share these insights with others. This might be through creative projects, teaching, or simply living authentically as an example for others to follow.

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The Hermit as Advice: Upright vs Reversed

The orientation of The Hermit card—whether found upright or reversed in a spread—significantly influences the nature of the advice it offers. Understanding these differences can help you better navigate the introspective journey The Hermit invites.

💜 Upright Hermit as Advice

When The Hermit appears upright, the advice centers on embracing solitude for the purpose of deep, personal reflection and enlightenment. It suggests a voluntary retreat into your inner world to seek wisdom and clarity about your life’s direction. The upright Hermit encourages finding your light within and using this period of solitude to focus on your personal growth, spiritual development, and understanding of self.

  • Key Advice: Prioritize self-reflection, embrace solitude as a constructive period, and seek the wisdom that solitude can offer. This is a time for personal enlightenment and understanding your true path.

💜 Reversed Hermit as Advice

The Hermit in a reversed position as advice might indicate isolation that has become detrimental or a period of introspection that has turned into excessive self-absorption. It can also suggest that while you have been in a period of solitude, you might be avoiding the necessary steps to apply the insights gained or to re-engage with the world around you. Alternatively, it might signal a call to end a period of isolation and share your insights or wisdom with others.

  • Key Advice: Consider if your solitude has become isolating or if introspection is preventing action. It may be time to reconnect with the world, share your insights, or seek external perspectives. Reversed Hermit advises you to balance your inner journey with external engagement, suggesting that wisdom needs not just to be acquired but also expressed and shared.

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Understanding the nuanced advice of The Hermit, whether upright or reversed, allows for a richer interpretation of its appearance in a reading. While the upright Hermit calls for a journey inward, the reversed Hermit may suggest this journey has reached a point where reintegration into the external world, or a shift in focus, is necessary for continued growth.

Last Thoughts

The Hermit as advice calls for a period of introspection, solitude, and self-discovery. It’s a reminder that the answers we seek are within us, and sometimes, stepping back from the noise of the world is necessary to hear them.

Embrace this time of solitude as an opportunity for growth, allowing the light of your inner wisdom to guide your path forward. By following The Hermit’s guidance, you can emerge with a clearer understanding of your purpose and a renewed sense of direction.