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The Chariot as Love Outcome: Upright & Reversed

The Chariot in tarot is a symbol of willpower, victory, and the determination to overcome challenges. As a love outcome, it speaks volumes about the trajectory and potential of a relationship, colored by the energies of triumph and control.

Both the upright and reversed positions of The Chariot provide unique insights into how love is being navigated and what the future might hold.

Lets talk about:
🌕 The Chariot Upright: Intentions
🌔 The Chariot Reversed: Intentions
🌓 7 Key Points About The Chariot as Intentions
🌒 Intentions in Different Situations

The Chariot Upright: Love Outcome & Basics To Know

The most important points about the Chariot in the upright position (in the context of love outcome) is below!

💟 The Basics of The Chariot (Upright)

In its upright position, The Chariot signifies overcoming obstacles through determination and confidence. In the context of love, it suggests a relationship that is moving forward with momentum, driven by mutual goals and a strong will to make things work. This card reflects a period where challenges are met head-on, with both partners pulling in the same direction.

💟 Love Outcome Behind The Chariot (Upright)

  • Victorious Partnership: The Chariot as a love outcome symbolizes a victorious phase in the relationship, where obstacles are overcome, and challenges are used as opportunities to strengthen the bond.
  • Mutual Drive and Direction: It highlights a time of alignment in intentions and efforts, where both individuals are committed to the relationship’s success and are willing to put in the work to ensure its progression.
  • Determination to Succeed: This card reflects an unwavering determination between partners to create a lasting and fulfilling relationship, indicating a powerful dynamic of teamwork and perseverance.

💟 Reacting to The Chariot’s Love Outcome (Upright)

Embrace the momentum and use this period to fortify your relationship. Communication and joint efforts are key. Continue to set common goals and work together towards achieving them, celebrating your victories along the way. This is a time to acknowledge the strength of your partnership and the ability to overcome adversity through unity.

The Chariot Reversed: Love Outcome & Basics To Know

The key points below should help you navigate the potential challenges that lay ahead if you’ve received a reversed Chariot (in the context of love outcome).

💟 The Essence of The Chariot (Reversed)

When reversed, The Chariot warns of potential conflicts of interest or a lack of control in the relationship. It might suggest that the drive to move forward is being hampered by misalignments in goals or intentions, leading to a feeling of stagnation or being pulled in different directions.

💟 Love Outcome Behind The Chariot (Reversed)

  • Reevaluation of Direction: The Chariot reversed calls for a pause to reassess the relationship’s direction. It indicates a need to realign mutual goals and ensure that both partners are truly on the same page.
  • Potential for Conflict: This position may also highlight underlying tensions that need addressing to prevent the relationship from veering off course.
  • Struggle for Control: A power struggle or a clash of wills could be at play, suggesting the importance of compromise and finding a middle ground to move forward harmoniously.

💟 Reacting To The Chariot’s Love Outcome (Reversed)

This is a crucial time for open dialogue and honesty. Discuss your visions for the future and address any disparities in your goals or methods. Working through these issues requires patience and a willingness to understand and support each other’s individual needs while finding common ground.

7 Key Points About The Chariot as Love Outcome

  1. Forward Momentum: Emphasizes the potential for significant progress in the relationship when efforts are united.
  2. Overcoming Challenges: Highlights the ability to overcome obstacles together, strengthening the bond.
  3. Alignment of Goals: Underlines the importance of having shared goals and intentions for the relationship’s success.
  4. Need for Reevaluation: Warns against continuing without mutual agreement and understanding, urging a period of reassessment if reversed.
  5. Potential Conflicts: Suggests addressing any underlying tensions or disagreements to maintain the relationship’s trajectory.
  6. Mutual Effort: Reminds partners of the necessity of teamwork and joint efforts in navigating the path ahead.
  7. Compromise and Understanding: Encourages finding a balance between individual needs and the relationship’s overall direction, especially when faced with reversed challenges.

The Chariot Different Situations

The Chariot’s message of momentum, direction, and control can unfold differently across various relational dynamics. Understanding its implications in the context of exes, crushes, and current partners provides a nuanced view of how to navigate these relationships with the Chariot as a guiding force.


With ex-partners, the Chariot underscores a decisive moment. Upright, it may indicate the resolve to move forward from past relationships, using lessons learned as a catalyst for personal growth and future successes. Conversely, reversed can signify unresolved issues that might be pulling you back, suggesting the need for closure or finality to truly move on.


In the realm of crushes, the Chariot signifies the courage and determination to pursue a new romantic interest. Upright, it encourages taking decisive action toward revealing your feelings or advancing the relationship, promising progress. When reversed, however, it cautions against rushing in without clear intentions or understanding of the other’s feelings, hinting at potential missteps or unreciprocated advances.

Current Partners

For current partners, the Chariot represents the journey you’re on together. Upright, it highlights a phase of concerted effort and unity, with both partners actively working towards common goals and overcoming any challenges together. It’s a testament to the strength and forward momentum of the relationship. Reversed, it may point to a need to reassess your shared path, addressing any divergences in goals or desires that could hinder the relationship’s progress.

Last Thoughts

The Chariot as a love outcome, whether upright or reversed, speaks to the dynamics of progress, challenge, and the need for alignment in a relationship.

It serves as a powerful reminder of the potential for growth and success through shared effort and determination, while also cautioning against the pitfalls of misaligned intentions and unresolved conflicts.

In both positions, The Chariot teaches the value of unity and mutual support in forging a victorious path forward in love.

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