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The Chariot as Action: Upright & Reversed

The Chariot in tarot stands as a powerful emblem of action, momentum, and the assertive drive towards achieving one’s goals. It represents the harnessing of opposing forces to propel oneself forward with conviction and purpose.

When considering The Chariot in the context of action, both its upright and reversed positions offer profound insights into how one should navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Lets talk about:
🌕 The Chariot Upright: Action & Basics To Know
🌔 The Chariot Reversed: Action & Basics To Know
🌓 7 Key Points About The Chariot as Action
🌒 Last Thoughts

The Chariot Upright: Action & Basics To Know

💟 The Basics of The Chariot (Upright)

In its upright form, The Chariot is all about forward movement, overcoming obstacles, and asserting one’s will with determination. It signifies taking the reins, making decisive actions, and charging ahead with confidence. This card is a call to arms, urging you to focus your intent, gather your courage, and move forward with purpose.

💟 Action Behind The Chariot (Upright)

  • Decisive Progress: The Chariot upright emphasizes the importance of decisiveness and clarity of purpose in taking action. It suggests a calculated and strategic approach, where you are in full control of the direction you’re heading.
  • Overcoming Challenges: This stance is about using your willpower and determination to overcome any obstacles in your path. The Chariot encourages not just physical action but also mental and emotional fortitude to push through barriers.
  • Directed Momentum: The energy of The Chariot is not scatter-shot but focused and directed. Actions taken under the influence of this card are purposeful, aiming towards a specific goal or outcome with all the force and conviction at one’s disposal.

💟 Reacting to The Chariot’s Call to Action (Upright)

When The Chariot appears upright, it’s time to take bold, decisive steps forward. This means aligning your actions with your goals, maintaining focus and determination, and not letting obstacles deter you. Trust in your ability to navigate the path ahead and use challenges as opportunities to strengthen your resolve and refine your strategies.

The Chariot Reversed: Action & Basics To Know

💟 The Essence of The Chariot (Reversed)

Reversed, The Chariot indicates potential misdirection, lack of control, or the force of will being scattered or used ineffectively. It suggests a reassessment of your current path and actions, highlighting the possibility of internal or external forces pulling you off course.

💟 Action Behind The Chariot (Reversed)

  • Reevaluation of Approach: The Chariot reversed calls for a pause to reassess and possibly recalibrate your approach. It warns against rash actions and the need for clearer focus or direction.
  • Resistance and Obstacles: Encountering resistance might not just come from external challenges but also from within—doubts, fears, or a lack of conviction about the course of action you’ve chosen.
  • Redirected Effort: This card in its reversed position often suggests that your efforts may need redirecting. It’s a signal to consider alternative strategies or paths that might be more aligned with your true intentions and objectives.

💟 Reacting To The Chariot’s Call to Action (Reversed)

Faced with The Chariot reversed, it’s crucial to take stock of where you are, reassess your motivations, and ensure that your actions are leading you where you want to go. It may be time to release or modify plans that are no longer serving you and to consider where adjustments can be made to realign with your goals. Patience, reflection, and strategic thinking are key to navigating this period.

7 Key Points About The Chariot as Action

  1. Purposeful Action: Emphasizes taking deliberate and directed steps towards your goals.
  2. Mastery Over Obstacles: Highlights the ability to overcome challenges through willpower and determination.
  3. Strategic Progress: Advocates for a strategic approach to action, ensuring efforts are well-planned and focused.
  4. Need for Control: Underlines the importance of maintaining control over your actions and direction.
  5. Reevaluation: Suggests that reassessing your path and methods is crucial when faced with resistance or misdirection.
  6. Adaptability: Encourages flexibility in your strategies, being open to changing course when necessary.
  7. Internal Alignment: Reminds that true progress requires aligning your actions with your inner values and goals.

Last Thoughts

The Chariot as action, whether upright or reversed, serves as a powerful reminder of the potency of our will and the importance of directed effort in achieving our objectives.

It teaches us the value of perseverance, strategic planning, and the courage to act decisively. At the same time, it warns against the perils of unchecked ambition, the necessity of reassessment, and the wisdom in adaptability.

Understanding and integrating The Chariot’s lessons about action can significantly impact our journey towards personal fulfillment and success.