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Seven of Swords as Feelings For Someone: Upright & Reversed

The Seven of Swords, often associated with deceit, strategy, and evasion, brings complex and nuanced layers when in the context of feelings for someone. This article reveals what needs to be known!

Understanding the implications of the Seven of Swords in both positions can offer insight into the underlying dynamics of how one truly feels about another person.

Lets talk about:
🌕 Seven of Swords Upright: Feelings for Someone
🌔 Seven of Swords Reversed: Feelings for Someone
🌓 How to Handle this Card & Reading
🌒 Seven of Swords as Feelings for Different People
🌑 Common Questions About This Reading

Seven of Swords Upright: Feelings for Someone

💟 The Basics of Seven of Swords (Upright)

In its upright position, the Seven of Swords can indicate feelings characterized by ambiguity, avoidance, or fear of confrontation. It suggests that the person may be harboring emotions they are not ready or willing to openly acknowledge or express. This might stem from a desire to protect oneself from vulnerability or from an underlying uncertainty about the relationship.

  • Guarded Emotions: The presence of the Seven of Swords in this context suggests that feelings are being closely guarded. The person might be reluctant to open up, possibly due to past hurts or the fear of getting too close.
  • Avoidance of Commitment: There could be a hesitancy to fully commit or dive deeper into the relationship. This card can point to someone who is evasive about defining the relationship or making future plans.
  • Strategy Over Honesty: In some cases, this card may imply that the person is being strategic in how they manage their feelings or the relationship, possibly manipulating situations to avoid showing their true hand.

Seven of Swords Reversed: Feelings for Someone

💟 The Essence of Seven of Swords (Reversed)

When reversed, the Seven of Swords hints at a realization and confrontation of these hidden feelings. It might indicate a turning point where the person begins to question their own motives and considers being more open and honest about their emotions. This position can signify the start of a more authentic approach to their feelings and the relationship.

  • Acknowledgment of True Emotions: Reversed, this card encourages facing the emotions that have been evaded or suppressed. It suggests an inward journey to understand why these feelings were hidden in the first place.
  • Desire for Transparency: It signifies a shift towards wanting a more transparent and sincere connection. The person might be ready to drop the façade and show more of their true self.
  • Moving Past Strategy: This position can indicate a move away from manipulation or strategic behavior in favor of a more straightforward and honest expression of feelings.

How to Handle the Seven of Swords as Feelings for Someone

This section is dedicated to helping you with tips and advice on handling this card in such a sensitive context.

Handling the Seven of Swords Upright ⬆️

When the Seven of Swords appears upright in the context of feelings for someone, it’s a signal to tread carefully and to encourage open communication. This card suggests that there may be unacknowledged emotions or hidden aspects of the relationship that need to be addressed.

It’s essential to create a safe and non-judgmental space for both parties to express their feelings honestly. Reflect on your own actions and motivations as well—consider if you are being fully transparent or if there are fears holding you back from showing your true self.

Patience and understanding are key, as trust needs to be built (or rebuilt) for a deeper and more authentic connection to flourish.

Handling the Seven of Swords Reversed ⬇️

With the Seven of Swords reversed indicating a readiness to confront and reveal hidden feelings, the approach shifts towards embracing vulnerability and honesty. This card’s reversal suggests a movement away from evasion and towards clarity.

Encourage yourself or the other person to openly discuss what has been previously avoided, acknowledging that this process can lead to significant personal growth and potentially a stronger relationship.

It’s a time for introspection—to understand why feelings were concealed and to consider how transparency can lead to more fulfilling interactions. Be prepared for revelations that may challenge your current perceptions but ultimately offer a path towards genuine intimacy and trust.

Seven of Swords as Feelings for Different People

Crushes 🩵

Upright: With crushes, the Seven of Swords suggests caution. The feelings might be laced with uncertainty or fear of fully exposing one’s heart, leading to a guarded approach. This card advises being mindful of mixed signals or the potential for misunderstanding intentions, encouraging clarity and openness to truly understand each other’s feelings.

Reversed: When reversed, it indicates a turning point where one may start to question their guarded approach towards their crush. It suggests an emerging willingness to open up and be more transparent about one’s feelings, potentially leading to a more honest and authentic connection.

Exes 🩵

Upright: In the context of exes, the Seven of Swords signifies unresolved feelings or perhaps a lack of closure. It could point to one party still harboring secrets or not being honest about the reasons behind the breakup, which might hinder moving on.

Reversed: The reversed Seven of Swords here suggests an acknowledgment of the past deceit or misunderstandings that led to the relationship’s end. It’s a sign of wanting to clear the air or achieve closure by finally addressing the unresolved issues and emotions that linger.

Existing Partners 🩵

Upright: For existing partners, the Seven of Swords might indicate a phase where communication and trust are being tested. There may be feelings or concerns that are not being openly shared, leading to a sense of disconnect or misunderstanding within the relationship.

Reversed: With the card reversed, it signals a shift towards transparency and honesty. It suggests that both partners are ready to face the hidden aspects of their relationship, address the underlying issues, and work together towards rebuilding trust and deepening their connection.

Friends 🩵

Upright: Among friends, the Seven of Swords can point to feelings of jealousy, competition, or betrayal that haven’t been openly acknowledged. It serves as a reminder to evaluate the honesty and integrity of the friendship, encouraging open discussions to resolve any underlying tensions.

Reversed: In its reversed position, it signifies a willingness to mend fences and heal any rifts caused by previous dishonesty or misunderstandings. It indicates a move towards sincere reconciliation, emphasizing the importance of forgiveness and genuine dialogue to restore trust and strengthen the friendship.

Common Questions About This Reading

What does the Seven of Swords indicate about someone’s feelings towards me?

The Seven of Swords suggests that the person may have complex feelings towards you, possibly marked by uncertainty, evasion, or fear of showing vulnerability. Upright, it could mean they’re guarding their emotions or not fully transparent about their intentions. Reversed, it hints at a desire to open up and confront these hidden feelings.

Can the Seven of Swords signify a healthy relationship?

While the Seven of Swords often highlights challenges such as mistrust or avoidance, it doesn’t preclude the possibility of a healthy relationship. Both upright and reversed, the card encourages addressing underlying issues. With honest communication and mutual effort to overcome these challenges, a stronger, more transparent relationship can emerge.

How should I approach communication if the Seven of Swords appears in a reading about my crush?

The appearance of the Seven of Swords advises caution and encourages you to seek clarity. Approach communication with honesty and openness, inviting your crush to do the same. It’s important to create a safe space where both of you feel comfortable sharing your true feelings, helping to dispel any uncertainties or fears.

What does it mean if my ex shows up as the Seven of Swords in a reading?

If your ex appears as the Seven of Swords, it may indicate unresolved feelings or secrets that were not addressed during the relationship. It suggests taking time to reflect on the past relationship’s dynamics and considering whether seeking closure or understanding could be beneficial for moving forward.

How can I foster a more honest environment if the Seven of Swords appears in a reading about my existing relationship?

The key to countering the energy of the Seven of Swords in your relationship is fostering an environment of openness and trust. Encourage honest dialogue about feelings and concerns, actively listen to your partner, and express your own thoughts and emotions clearly. It may also be helpful to engage in activities or experiences that build trust and deepen your connection.

Last Thoughts

The Seven of Swords, when it comes to feelings for someone, reminds us that relationships can be tricky. Whether it’s about being careful with how we share our feelings or learning to be more open, this card pushes us to look closely at how we connect with others.

Whether we’re talking about someone new, an old partner, our current significant other, or friends, the Seven of Swords encourages us to be honest and brave. By facing our fears and choosing to be clear and truthful, we can build stronger, more genuine relationships.