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Queen of Wands as Reconciliation: Upright & Reversed

The Queen of Wands is a charismatic and dynamic figure in the tarot, often associated with warmth, confidence, and determination.

When she appears in a reading related to reconciliation, her presence offers unique insights into the nature of the reconciliation process, whether you’re considering rekindling a friendship, reigniting a romantic flame, or healing a familial rift.

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🌕 Queen of Wands in Reconciliation: Upright
🌔 Queen of Wands in Reconciliation: Reversed
🌓 Queen of Wands as Reconciliation in Different Contexts
– Exes, Friends, Family, Current Relationships
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Queen of Wands in Reconciliation: Upright

I received this card just last week in this context, and these were some of the perspectives I got from the professional reader at the time. Check them out!

Upright: A Positive Force for Reconnection

The Queen of Wands upright symbolizes a favorable condition for reconciliation. She brings a message of optimism, encouraging you to approach the situation with an open heart and a clear mind.

  • Confidence and Determination: Her appearance suggests that reconciliation is not only possible but likely to be successful if pursued with confidence and positive energy. She embodies a spirit of determination that can help overcome past issues.
  • Warmth and Generosity: The Queen of Wands also represents warmth and generosity, indicating that forgiveness and understanding are within reach. Her presence in a reading encourages you to lead with kindness and to extend an olive branch in the spirit of healing.
  • Charisma and Communication: This card highlights the importance of effective communication and charisma in mending bridges. The Queen of Wands suggests that being open, honest, and engaging in your communication can significantly aid the reconciliation process.

How To Handle This Reading

Leverage the Queen of Wands’ energy by being proactive and positive about reaching out. Emphasize your willingness to listen and your desire to resolve past conflicts, showing that you’ve grown and are ready to move forward.

Queen of Wands in Reconciliation: Reversed

Take a look below and some of the commonly sited perspectives when it comes to the reversed Queen of Wands in this context.

Reversed: Overcoming Obstacles to Reconciliation

When reversed, the Queen of Wands indicates potential obstacles in the path of reconciliation. These might stem from within or from the dynamics of the relationship you’re hoping to repair.

  • Impatience and Ego: The reversed position can suggest impatience or a clash of egos hindering the reconciliation process. It may be a sign to check your pride at the door and approach the situation with humility.
  • Misdirected Energy: The Queen of Wands reversed can also indicate misdirected energy or intentions. Ensure that your desire for reconciliation is genuine and not driven by a need to “win” or out of loneliness.
  • Lack of Confidence: This position may reflect a lack of confidence or fear of rejection. Overcoming these feelings is crucial for moving forward. Remember, the first step towards reconciliation is often the hardest but also the most rewarding.

How To Handle This Reading

Approaching reconciliation with a reversed Queen of Wands in mind requires a thoughtful, introspective approach. Reflect on your motivations and consider whether your actions align with the genuine desire for healing. Be prepared to address and work through any personal issues that may be contributing to the current impasse.

Queen of Wands as Reconciliation in Different Contexts

I think it’s really helpful to run through what this card might mean in terms of reconciliation but in different contexts. You might be thinking about an ex, a friend, family, or even a current relationship. Let’s run through it together below.

➡️ With an Ex:

In the context of reconciling with an ex, the Queen of Wands signifies a dynamic approach to healing past wounds. Upright, she suggests that the reconciliation could be fueled by positive energy and a genuine desire for growth, indicating that both parties have matured since the separation.

The emphasis is on bringing warmth and confidence into the process, potentially reigniting the spark with honesty and open communication. Reversed, however, it warns of unresolved issues like pride or impatience that could still be obstacles, suggesting a need for introspection about the true reasons for wanting to reconnect and whether those reasons align with personal growth and happiness.

➡️ With Friends:

For friendships, the Queen of Wands highlights the potential for rekindling connections based on mutual respect and admiration. Her appearance upright in a reading suggests that reaching out with enthusiasm and a positive outlook could pave the way for a renewed bond, encouraging both sides to remember the joy and support the friendship once provided.

When reversed, the card advises caution, hinting at possible lingering resentments or ego clashes that need addressing before a true reconciliation can occur, urging a humble and patient approach.

➡️ With Family:

In family dynamics, the Queen of Wands upright represents the healing power of unconditional love and support. She encourages you to take the lead in mending familial rifts, using your inner strength and warmth to foster understanding and forgiveness.

This card suggests that your initiative and optimistic energy can inspire others to open their hearts and work towards harmony. Conversely, when reversed, it points to the necessity of overcoming prideful stubbornness or old grudges that hinder reconciliation, urging a more flexible and understanding stance to heal family wounds.

➡️ With Current Relationships:

For current relationships facing challenges, the Queen of Wands in her upright position signals a favorable phase for addressing and overcoming conflicts. It indicates that with confidence, open dialogue, and a willingness to see each other’s perspectives, couples can navigate through their issues towards a stronger, more passionate connection.

The reversed Queen of Wands, in this case, suggests that internal or external pressures might be straining the relationship, highlighting the importance of realigning with each other’s core desires and values to rediscover the bond that initially brought you together.


Can the Queen of Wands indicate a successful reconciliation with an ex?
Yes, especially when upright, it suggests optimism and growth could lead to a successful reconnection.

What does the Queen of Wands reversed say about reconciling with a friend?
It warns of potential pride and unresolved issues that need addressing for true reconciliation.

How does the Queen of Wands influence family reconciliation efforts?
Upright, she encourages leading with love and positivity to mend familial rifts.

Is the Queen of Wands a good sign for resolving conflicts in current relationships?
Absolutely. Her presence indicates that direct communication and confidence can overcome challenges.

What should I be cautious of if the Queen of Wands appears reversed regarding reconciliation?
Be wary of misdirected energy, impatience, or not fully addressing the root causes of the separation.

How can I embody the Queen of Wands to initiate reconciliation?
Approach the situation with warmth, openness, and a clear intention to heal and grow from past experiences.

Does the Queen of Wands suggest immediate action or patience in reconciliation?
While she generally advocates for a proactive stance, her reversed position suggests patience may be necessary to ensure lasting resolution.

Last Thoughts

Whether upright or reversed, the Queen of Wands in a reconciliation reading calls for a blend of confidence, warmth, and introspection.

Upright, she encourages a bold, loving approach to mending relationships, underscored by effective communication.

Reversed, she cautions against letting pride or fear undermine your efforts, urging a more reflective and sincere attempt at reconciliation.

In both cases, the Queen of Wands reminds you that the energy and attitude you bring into the process play a significant role in the outcome.