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Page of Wands: Will He Contact Me (5 Signs To Know)

The Page of Wands is a card of communication, exploration, and the beginnings of new ventures. When it appears in a reading concerning whether someone will make contact, it brings with it anticipation and messages of potential. This article runs through essential things you should know about this card in this context.

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πŸŒ• Will He Contact You: 5 Things To Know
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πŸŒ“ Important Reversed Meaning
πŸŒ’ The Ultimate Way To Respond To This Reading
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Page of Wands Will He Contact Me? 5 Steps of Communication

Here are five key insights to understand about the Page of Wands in the context of communication, especially regarding whether someone will reach out.

1. There’s a Message on the Way

The Page of Wands is often seen as a messenger in the tarot, symbolizing the delivery of news or messages. When asking, “Will he contact me?” the appearance of this card is a positive indicator that communication is on the horizon. It suggests that the person in question is likely to reach out, driven by curiosity and a desire to explore the connection further.

2. Taking the First Step

This card embodies the spirit of taking action and making the first move. Its presence in a reading implies that the person you’re inquiring about possesses an enthusiastic and proactive nature. If they have been contemplating making contact, the Page of Wands energy might just push them to act on their intentions sooner rather than later.

3. What To Expect

While the Page of Wands indicates that communication is likely, it also hints at the nature of the message or contact. Expect the communication to be light-hearted, curious, and possibly even flirtatious. The Page of Wands brings a sense of adventure to conversations, so the initial contact might be an invitation to try something new or explore a shared interest.

4. Spur of The Moment

One of the characteristics of the Page of Wands is spontaneity. If you’re wondering whether he will reach out, this card suggests that the decision to contact you may be made impulsively. This spontaneity can add an element of surprise to when and how you hear from him, making it difficult to predict the exact timing.

5. Ready Your Response

Knowing that the Page of Wands suggests forthcoming communication, consider how you wish to respond. This card encourages you to engage with the same level of openness and enthusiasm. Be prepared for a conversation that may lead to new beginnings or the exploration of new ideas together.

Upright vs Reversed Meanings

There’s a significance difference between an upright and reversed page of wands in this context. So read through below and consider your next move carefully.

Upright Page of Wands ⬆️

When the Page of Wands appears upright in the context of “Will he contact me?”, it strongly suggests an eagerness to communicate.

The upright position emphasizes a clear, enthusiastic intention behind reaching out. It signifies that he is likely not just considering but planning to initiate contact, driven by a genuine interest and curiosity about you and the potential of your connection. The message, likely to be straightforward and filled with youthful energy, indicates a desire to explore possibilities and share exciting news or proposals.

Reversed Page of Wands ⬆️

In contrast, the reversed Page of Wands may indicate hesitations, delays, or reconsiderations regarding making contact.

While there might still be an interest or desire to reach out, something is holding him back. This could stem from internal uncertainties, fear of how the communication might be received, or simply not knowing the best way to express his intentions. The reversed Page of Wands suggests that while the thought of contacting you is there, the action may be postponed until he feels more confident or circumstances become more favorable.

Key Takeaways

  • Upright Page of Wands: Expect lively, enthusiastic communication soon. He is likely to reach out with messages that are optimistic and aimed at exploring new beginnings or adventures together.
  • Reversed Page of Wands: Be prepared for possible delays in hearing from him. The intention to communicate might be present, but various factors could be causing hesitation. It might be beneficial to give him space and time, allowing the situation to unfold naturally

The Ultimate Way To Respond To This Reading

Responding to the Page of Wands, whether upright or reversed, calls for a balance between openness and patience. If the card appears upright, indicating that communication from him is likely and imminent, prepare yourself to engage in a dynamic and enthusiastic exchange.

Embrace the spirit of adventure that the Page of Wands embodies. Show openness to the new ideas or proposals he may present, and reciprocate with your own energy and creativity. This is an opportunity to explore and expand the boundaries of your connection, so respond with curiosity and an eagerness to discover what could unfold.

Should the Page of Wands appear reversed, suggesting hesitations or delays in communication, the best approach is patience and understanding. Recognize that the intention to reach out may be complicated by internal doubts or external circumstances. In this scenario, cultivating a space of warmth and acceptance can ease any tensions or apprehensions.

If you have the means to subtly encourage communication, do so gently, ensuring him that his approach, whenever he’s ready to make it, will be welcomed. Ultimately, whether upright or reversed, the Page of Wands encourages a proactive stance towards communicationβ€”be ready to listen, share, and engage fully when the moment arrives.

FAQ Section

πŸ’œ What does the Page of Wands suggest about his intentions to communicate?
The Page of Wands, especially in its upright position, suggests strong intentions towards initiating communication. It reflects a desire to explore new possibilities and share exciting ideas or news. If reversed, it indicates hesitations or internal conflicts that may delay the communication.

πŸ’œ How soon after the Page of Wands appears can I expect him to reach out?
While the Page of Wands signifies imminent communication, the exact timing can vary based on individual circumstances. The card’s appearance indicates readiness, but external factors or personal doubts (especially if reversed) can influence when the communication will occur.

πŸ’œ Should I reach out first if the Page of Wands is reversed?
The reversed Page of Wands suggests hesitation on his part, possibly due to doubts or uncertainties. While you can reach out first, doing so with sensitivity and openness is crucial. Offer a comfortable space for him to express himself, but avoid pressuring him for immediate responses or commitments.

πŸ’œ Can the Page of Wands indicate the nature of the message he wants to convey?
Yes, the Page of Wands generally indicates messages filled with enthusiasm and optimism. Upright, it may involve proposals for new ventures or invitations to join in an adventure. Reversed, it might suggest the need to discuss unresolved issues or to share thoughts that have been causing hesitation.

πŸ’œ How can I best prepare for the conversation indicated by the Page of Wands?
Prepare by adopting an open and adventurous mindset. Whether the conversation takes a light-hearted turn or delves into deeper territories, showing a willingness to listen and engage will foster a productive and meaningful exchange. Reflect on your own intentions and desires too, so you’re ready to share them when the moment comes.

πŸ’œ What if the anticipated communication from him, suggested by the Page of Wands, doesn’t happen?
If communication doesn’t occur as expected, consider the reversed meanings of the Page of Wands, which hint at possible delays due to doubt or uncertainty. It’s essential to remain patient and understanding. Remember, the timing of tarot predictions can be fluid, and maintaining a positive outlook is key.