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Page of Wands & Pregnancy: 7 Thing You Might Wanna Know!

The tarot is a versatile tool for insight, offering symbolic guidance on a wide range of life events, including pregnancy. The Page of Wands, a card bursting with potential and the beginnings of new ventures, often prompts questions about its connection to pregnancy.

Does The Page of Wands Mean Pregnancy?

The Page of Wands, while not universally recognized as a pregnancy card, is indeed frequently referred to as such by some practitioners due to its association with beginnings, potential, and the burst of vibrant masculine energy. (This is why sometimes even say it’s a sign of a boy).

However, this is hard to make conclusions by. I often share the following tips and insightful points below as a better way to think about the Page of Wands should it arise.

7 Key Points To Know

Here are seven key points to understand the relationship between the Page of Wands and the possibility of pregnancy.

1. Symbolism of Growth and New Beginnings

The Page of Wands represents the spark of new ideas and the onset of exciting ventures. In the context of pregnancy, it can symbolize the beginning of a new life phase, echoing the growth and potential that pregnancy embodies. This card suggests burgeoning opportunities, which can extend to the realm of expanding your family.

2. Not a Direct Indicator of Pregnancy

While the Page of Wands signifies new starts and potential, it’s not directly associated with pregnancy in tarot. Tarot cards, including the Page of Wands, offer symbolic rather than literal messages. Thus, while it may represent the energy surrounding a new phase, such as pregnancy, it’s not a definitive indicator on its own.

3. A Metaphorical Interpretation

Pregnancy in tarot readings is often conveyed through metaphor. The Page of Wands, with its themes of adventure and youthful enthusiasm, might suggest the “pregnancy” of an idea or project as much as a literal pregnancy. It’s about the gestation of something new and exciting in your life.

4. Context and Complementary Cards

In a reading, the interpretation of the Page of Wands, like any card, depends on its context and surrounding cards. Cards traditionally associated with fertility and pregnancy, such as The Empress, might lend a more literal interpretation to the Page of Wands if they appear together, pointing to the possibility of pregnancy or the birth of a new project.

5. Emotional and Creative Fertility

The Page of Wands can be a harbinger of fertility in a broader sense—emotional, creative, or intellectual rather than physical. It encourages nurturing your creative ideas and passions, which can be especially relevant if you’re “pregnant” with a project or creative endeavor.

6. Personal Reflection and Intuition

If pregnancy is a question or intention, the appearance of the Page of Wands invites personal reflection and tuning into your intuition. It suggests looking at where you’re planting seeds in your life and how you’re preparing for what you wish to bring into the world, whether that’s a child, a project, or a new phase of growth.

7. A Prompt for Action

The energetic spirit of the Page of Wands calls for action. In relation to pregnancy, it may encourage taking steps toward your goal, whether that involves starting a family or birthing a new aspect of your life. It’s about embracing the journey and taking proactive measures to realize your desires.

Last Thoughts

While the Page of Wands does not directly signify pregnancy, its themes of new beginnings, potential, and fertile energy can resonate with those exploring the possibility of expanding their family or embarking on new ventures.

In tarot readings, the key is to interpret the cards with an open heart and mind, understanding that their messages are nuanced and multi-layered, often speaking to the symbolic beginnings that pregnancy represents.