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9 of Swords as How Someone Sees You: Upright & Reversed

When it appears in a tarot reading regarding how someone perceives you, it can reveal deep insights into the nature of that perception, whether it’s rooted in concern, misunderstanding, or a call for empathy and support.

This article will explore the implications of the Nine of Swords appearing in both its upright and reversed positions in the context of how someone views you.

Lets talk about:
🌕 Upright Nine of Swords
🌔 Reversed Nine of Swords
🌓 Contextual Differences: Nine of Swords Perception
🌒 Handling the Nine of Swords Perception
🌑 FAQ Section

Upright Nine of Swords: A Perception of Distress

The Nine of Swords is a card that often evokes feelings of anxiety, worry, and being overwhelmed. Let’s drill down into the specifics behind an UPRIGHT nine of swords for further clarity.

1. Worry and Concern:

In its upright position, the Nine of Swords may indicate that the person sees you as going through a period of significant stress or anxiety. They might perceive you as someone deeply troubled by certain issues or personal demons, whether or not you’ve openly expressed these feelings. This perception could stem from subtle cues you’ve been giving off, like changes in your behavior or mood.

2. Overwhelmed by Circumstances:

The card suggests that you are seen as being overwhelmed by your circumstances, possibly dealing with situations that seem to have no easy solution. The individual in question may feel helpless about how to offer support or may worry that you’re isolating yourself with your troubles.

3. Empathy and Concern for Well-being:

Ultimately, the Nine of Swords reflects a perception filled with empathy and concern for your well-being. The person may view you as someone in need of help or support but may be unsure how to approach you or offer assistance effectively.

Reversed Nine of Swords: A Misunderstood Perspective

There are a few KEY insights to know when it comes to a reversed nine of swords in this context. These meanings and perceptions always seemed right to me, check them out and let me know what you think.

1. Misinterpretation of Struggles

When reversed, the Nine of Swords suggests that your struggles or the depth of your worries might be misunderstood or underestimated. The person might see you as being stressed but may not grasp the full extent of what you’re going through, possibly perceiving you as more resilient than you feel.

2. Perception of Recovery

Alternatively, the reversed Nine of Swords can indicate a perception that you are beginning to recover from your anxieties or that you’re finding ways to cope with your stressors more effectively. This view suggests a belief in your strength and ability to overcome challenges, even if you’re still in the midst of dealing with them.

3. An Invitation to Open Up

This position of the card could also be a sign that the person is encouraging you to open up more about your struggles. They may see you as someone who tends to bottle up their feelings and may wish for you to share more of your burdens.

Contextual Differences: Nine of Swords Perception

The Nine of Swords’ implications can vary significantly depending on the relationship context—whether it’s regarding exes, current partners, crushes, friends, or family. Understanding these nuances can provide a clearer insight into how to navigate each situation effectively.


When the Nine of Swords appears in the context of how an ex sees you, it may suggest lingering concerns or guilt about the breakup’s impact on your well-being. They might perceive you as struggling to move on, possibly amplifying their own feelings of regret or worry about the separation. This perception may or may not align with your actual state, emphasizing the need for closure or clearer communication to ensure both parties can heal.

Current Partners

In the case of current partners, the Nine of Swords might highlight a deep concern for your mental health and the stress you’re experiencing. They see you as engulfed in worry or anxiety, which could be related to external pressures or issues within the relationship. This perception calls for open dialogue about each other’s needs and stresses, aiming to strengthen the bond through mutual support and understanding.


If a crush perceives you through the lens of the Nine of Swords, it could indicate their sensitivity to your emotional state and a desire to help. However, their limited perspective on your life might lead to misconceptions about the extent or sources of your stress. Their perception may motivate them to reach out and offer support, providing an opportunity to correct any misunderstandings and deepen the connection.


Friends viewing you in the light of the Nine of Swords likely feel concerned about your mental and emotional health. They may perceive you as going through a tough time and feel compelled to offer their support. This perception underscores the importance of friendship in providing a safety net, encouraging you to lean on these relationships for support while also clarifying any misconceptions.


Family members seeing you through this card may be acutely aware of your struggles, feeling a strong urge to protect and support you. Their perception might lead to overprotectiveness or anxiety on their part, reflecting their deep care and concern for your well-being. It’s crucial to communicate openly with family members about your feelings, allowing for a supportive environment that respects your autonomy and healing process.

Handling the Nine of Swords Perception

➡️ Upright Position:
If the Nine of Swords appears upright, it may be beneficial to communicate openly about your feelings with the person who perceives you this way. Letting them know what support you need can help them understand how to be there for you effectively.

➡️ Reversed Position:
With the reversed Nine of Swords, consider clarifying your feelings and the nature of your struggles. It’s an opportunity to correct any misconceptions and to express gratitude for perceived improvements, even if you’re still working through your challenges.

FAQ Section: Nine of Swords as How Someone Sees You

💜 How can I reassure someone who perceives me as the Nine of Swords?
Reassuring someone involves open communication about your emotional state. Share your feelings honestly, highlighting any steps you’re taking towards improvement. Let them know how they can support you, emphasizing the importance of their understanding and patience in your healing process.

💜 Does the Nine of Swords indicate permanent perception?
No, perceptions can change over time, especially as situations evolve and as communication improves. The Nine of Swords reflects a current state of concern or anxiety, which can shift as both parties work towards understanding and addressing the underlying issues.

💜 Can the Nine of Swords affect the dynamics of a relationship?
Yes, if one person perceives the other as deeply troubled, it might lead to changes in behavior towards them, such as becoming overly protective or distant. It’s crucial to address these perceptions directly to prevent misunderstandings from affecting the relationship’s dynamics.

💜 What if I don’t feel the way someone perceives me as the Nine of Swords suggests?
Differences in perception are common, and it’s important to correct any misconceptions. Clarify how you truly feel and express any discrepancies between their perception and your reality. This can help align both parties’ understandings and foster a healthier interaction.

💜 How can I approach someone who I perceive as the Nine of Swords?
Approach them with sensitivity and openness, expressing your concerns without making assumptions about their feelings. Offer support and ask how you can help, ensuring they know you’re there for them. Encourage open dialogue, allowing them to share their feelings in their own time and way.

Last Thoughts

The Nine of Swords in a reading about how someone sees you offers a profound opportunity for reflection and communication. Whether upright or reversed, it highlights the importance of understanding and empathy in relationships. Recognizing how you’re perceived can be the first step toward fostering deeper connections and ensuring the support you receive aligns with your actual needs.