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King of Swords as Intentions: A Full Guide

The King of Swords is a powerful figure in the tarot, often associated with intellect, clarity, and authority.

When this card appears in a reading related to intentions, it suggests a mindset that values logic, truth, and fairness above all. The King of Swords embodies the use of intellect and communication to achieve one’s goals and to lead.

This guide explores the King of Swords in the context of intentions, detailing its implications in both upright and reversed positions and providing insights on how to navigate the energies it represents.

Lets talk about:
🌕 Upright King of Swords as Intentions
🌔 How To Respond to Upright King of Swords
🌓 Reversed King of Swords as Intentions
🌒 How To Respond to Reversed King of Swords
🌑 FAQs on King of Swords as Intentions

Upright King of Swords as Intentions

All you need to know about the upright Kind of Swords:

➡️ Key Meaning

In its upright position, the King of Swords symbolizes clear thinking, intellectual power, and authority.

This card reflects a person who is a decisive leader, one who uses their intellect and communication skills to bring about justice and truth.

The King of Swords is not swayed by emotion; rather, he applies his knowledge and experience with fairness and ethical consideration.

➡️ Intentions in the Upright Position

  • Decisive Action and Leadership: The appearance of the King of Swords suggests intentions characterized by decisiveness and a desire to lead by example. You are likely setting goals with a clear strategy in mind, aiming for outcomes that reflect justice and truth.
  • Communication and Intellectual Honesty: Your intentions may involve communicating ideas or truths with clarity and precision. The King of Swords encourages honesty and directness, ensuring that messages are conveyed without ambiguity.
  • Seeking Justice and Fairness: Intentions under the influence of this card often revolve around correcting injustices or imbalance, whether in personal situations, within organizations, or in broader societal contexts.

➡️ How To Respond to Upright King of Swords Intentions

  • Embrace Leadership: Take the lead in situations that require clear guidance and ethical decision-making. Your ability to see the heart of the matter can serve as a beacon for others.
  • Prioritize Communication: Ensure that your intentions are communicated clearly and effectively, using logic and reason to persuade and inform.
  • Maintain Integrity: Stay true to your principles, especially when faced with difficult decisions. The King of Swords values integrity above all.

Reversed King of Swords as Intentions

All you need to know about the reversed Kind of Swords:

➡️ Key Meaning

When reversed, the King of Swords can indicate a perversion of the card’s upright qualities, such as manipulation, harshness, and a tendency to use one’s intellect or position of authority unethically.

➡️ Intentions in the Reversed Position

  • Manipulation and Deceit: Reversed, this card warns of intentions that may be rooted in manipulation or deceit. There’s a risk of using one’s intellect or eloquence to mislead or achieve personal gain at the expense of others.
  • Overbearing and Dogmatic: Your intentions might come across as overbearing or inflexible. The reversed King of Swords can signify a need to reassess how you’re asserting your ideas or beliefs.
  • Coldness and Isolation: An overreliance on logic without consideration for emotional nuances can lead to isolation or disconnectedness in relationships.

➡️ How To Respond to Reversed King of Swords Intentions

  • Seek Balance: Integrate empathy and compassion into your decision-making processes. Intellectual prowess should be balanced with emotional intelligence.
  • Reflect on Your Impact: Consider the broader impact of your actions and words on those around you. Strive for transparency and fairness in your dealings.
  • Encourage Open Dialogue: Foster an environment where different viewpoints are heard and respected. Leadership also means listening and adapting.

FAQs on King of Swords as Intentions

Here’s a breakdown of some additional and highly important questions regarding the king of swords as intentions. I receive many questions like this so I thought it’s appropriate to put them into a FAQ section!

How can I align my intentions with the upright King of Swords?

Focus on cultivating clarity in your goals and actions, prioritize ethical decision-making, and use your communication skills to lead and inform. Embrace the qualities of fairness, integrity, and intellectual honesty.

What should I do if my intentions are more aligned with the reversed King of Swords?

Reflect on the motivations behind your intentions. Consider whether you’re being completely honest with yourself and others, and actively seek to incorporate empathy and openness into your approach.

Can the King of Swords represent intentions in relationships?

Yes, in relationships, the King of Swords can suggest intentions to communicate honestly and address issues with clarity and fairness. It emphasizes the importance of intellectual connection and mutual respect.

How does the King of Swords influence career-related intentions?

In career contexts, this card encourages leadership, clear communication, and strategic planning. It suggests using one’s intellect and expertise to navigate challenges and to lead teams or projects with integrity.


The King of Swords as intentions embodies the power of intellect, communication, and leadership in achieving one’s goals.

Whether upright or reversed, this card serves as a reminder of the responsibilities that come with power and the importance of using one’s abilities ethically and justly.

By embracing the positive aspects of the King of Swords, you can navigate life with clarity, fairness, and decisive action, ensuring that your intentions lead to outcomes that are beneficial for all involved.