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Judgement as Intentions: Upright & Reversed

The Judgement tarot card, with its themes of awakening, rebirth, and the culmination of experiences, offers insightful reflections when considering one’s intentions or the intentions of others, whether drawn upright or reversed.

Lets talk about:
๐ŸŒ• Judgement Upright: Intentions Explained
๐ŸŒ” Judgement Reversed: Intentions Explained
๐ŸŒ“ 7 Key Insights About Judgement as Intentions
๐ŸŒ’ What This Means in Different Situations
๐ŸŒ‘ Helpful FAQ Section

Judgement Upright: Intentions & Basics To Know

๐Ÿ’Ÿ The Basics of Judgement (Upright)

In its upright position, Judgement symbolizes a significant period of reflection, evaluation, and making pivotal decisions that have long-term implications.

It signifies a moment of clarity and understanding, where past actions and experiences are assessed in the light of one’s true purpose.

When relating to intentions, Judgement upright suggests a drive towards self-improvement, making amends, and stepping into a more authentic version of oneself.

๐Ÿ’Ÿ Understanding Intentions (Upright)

  • Self-Realization: The call of the Judgement card is a push towards realizing one’s potential and aligning intentions with one’s true self and purpose. It signifies the intention to rise above past mistakes and embrace a path of growth and enlightenment.
  • Making Amends: It also reflects the intention to rectify past wrongs and seek forgiveness, both from oneself and from those who have been affected by one’s actions.
  • Heeding the Call: There’s an inherent intention to respond to one’s inner calling or vocation, indicating a readiness to pursue a path that feels genuinely fulfilling and aligned with one’s soul mission.

Judgement Reversed: Intentions & Basics To Know

๐Ÿ’Ÿ The Essence of Judgement (Reversed)

Reversed, Judgement indicates a delay or reluctance to face the necessary self-reflection or to heed the call to change.

This position suggests resistance to acknowledging one’s true feelings or the avoidance of making significant, albeit difficult, decisions.

In terms of intentions, it might point to self-doubt, fear of letting go of the past, or the unwillingness to step out of one’s comfort zone.

๐Ÿ’Ÿ Understanding Intentions (Reversed)

  • Resistance to Change: There’s an intention, whether conscious or subconscious, to resist transformation and to cling to familiar patterns or behaviors, even if they are no longer serving one’s highest good.
  • Avoidance of Self-Reflection: A tendency to shy away from deep introspection, perhaps due to fear of what might be discovered or an unwillingness to confront uncomfortable truths about oneself.
  • Delayed Growth: The reversal indicates intentions hampered by indecision or a lack of clarity on one’s direction, leading to stagnation rather than progression towards personal goals.

7 Key Insights About Judgement as Intentions

  1. Alignment with Higher Self: The upright Judgement calls for intentions that align with one’s higher self and true purpose, emphasizing authenticity and growth.
  2. Intention to Heal: It speaks to the desire to heal past wounds, both within oneself and in relationships with others, through forgiveness and making amends.
  3. Response to Inner Calling: Judgement upright signifies the intention to pursue one’s calling or vocation with courage and determination.
  4. Challenges in Facing Change: The reversed Judgement highlights challenges in embracing change and moving forward due to fear or self-doubt.
  5. Avoidance of Truth: It suggests a reluctance to engage in honest self-reflection and to acknowledge one’s own contributions to current circumstances.
  6. The Need for Clarity: Reversed, Judgement indicates a need for greater clarity on one’s intentions and goals to overcome feelings of stagnation.
  7. Transformation vs. Stagnation: Ultimately, Judgement as intentions underscores the choice between transformation and stagnation, urging an alignment with actions that lead to personal and spiritual growth.

What Judgement as Intentions Means for Different Situations

One thing I’ve always liked when researching something specific about tarot is having all the key meanings broken down into different categories. If you’ve received this card in this context (with someone particular in mind) this should help!

Relationships ๐Ÿค

In romantic relationships, Judgement’s call emphasizes the intention to either rebuild on stronger, more honest foundations or to part ways if paths no longer align. It signifies a critical juncture where both partners are encouraged to reflect on their past actions, understanding their contributions to the relationship’s current state. For couples, this card suggests a mutual intention to heal, grow, and either recommit with a deeper understanding of each other or release the relationship with love and gratitude for the lessons learned.

Friends ๐Ÿค

Among friends, Judgement highlights the importance of evaluating the role each person plays in the friendship. It may indicate a time to address unresolved issues, with the intention to either strengthen the bond through honest communication and forgiveness or to recognize when a friendship no longer serves one’s highest good. This card calls for authenticity and growth, urging friends to support each otherโ€™s journeys toward self-improvement and fulfillment.

Crushes ๐Ÿค

In the context of crushes, Judgement points to the need for clarity of intention. It asks individuals to consider whether their feelings are based on a genuine connection and potential for growth or if they are influenced by idealization and fantasy. The card encourages an honest evaluation of one’s intentions and feelings, pushing for actions that align with oneโ€™s true desires and the courage to either pursue the connection openly or let go with grace.

Exes ๐Ÿค

For relationships with ex-partners, Judgement signifies a period of reflection on the lessons gained from the experience. It suggests the intention to find closure, learn from past mistakes, and use this wisdom to inform future relationships. Whether thereโ€™s a consideration for reconciliation or a need to fully move on, Judgement calls for facing the past with honesty, taking responsibility for oneโ€™s actions, and making peace with the outcome.

Family ๐Ÿค

Within family dynamics, Judgement underscores the intention to heal familial wounds and address long-standing issues. It brings attention to the collective need for forgiveness, understanding, and the willingness to see each otherโ€™s perspectives. This card encourages family members to come together with the intention of resolving conflicts, acknowledging the roles played by each individual, and working towards a harmonious relationship based on mutual respect and unconditional love.

FAQ Section: Judgement as Intentions

1. How can I clarify my intentions when Judgement appears in a reading?

To clarify your intentions when Judgement appears, start by engaging in deep reflection about your current path and the choices that have led you here. Consider journaling about your desires, fears, and the outcomes you hope to achieve. Meditation can also help quiet the mind, allowing your true intentions to surface. If you’re still uncertain, discussing your thoughts with a trusted friend or advisor can provide clarity and perspective.

2. What if my intentions differ from someone else’s in a relationship?

When your intentions diverge from another’s in a relationship, Judgement calls for open and honest communication. Share your reflections and what you’ve discovered about your own path and listen openly to the other person’s perspective. Understanding each other’s intentions can lead to a clearer decision about the future of your relationship, whether it means reconciling differences or amicably parting ways.

3. Can Judgement help me decide if I should rekindle a relationship with an ex?

Yes, Judgement can guide you in making decisions about reconnecting with an ex by urging you to evaluate the relationship’s past honestly. Reflect on the reasons for the breakup, the growth you’ve both experienced since, and whether your current intentions align with a healthy, renewed partnership. Judgement emphasizes the importance of learning from the past to make a conscious choice about your future together or apart.

4. How does Judgement influence intentions in new friendships?

In the context of new friendships, Judgement encourages you to consider what you seek in these relationships and whether your intentions align with those of potential friends. It invites you to be open and authentic, fostering connections based on mutual growth, support, and shared values. Judgement reminds you to be mindful of the lessons learned from past friendships to build stronger, more meaningful bonds.

5. What role does forgiveness play when Judgement appears regarding family dynamics?

Forgiveness is a key theme when Judgement appears in readings about family dynamics. It challenges you to confront and release past grievances, understanding that forgiveness is crucial for healing and moving forward. Judgementโ€™s presence is a call to assess your intentions around forgiveness, encouraging a compassionate approach that considers the growth and healing potential for all involved.

Personal Story

When I first received the Judgement card reversed while thinking about intentions, it really made me stop and think. This card usually talks about big changes and realizing what you’re supposed to do, but upside down, it felt like it was saying I was stuck or not ready to face some truths.

It was like a lightbulb moment for me, realizing maybe I wasn’t being totally honest with myself about what I wanted or why.

This hit home in a big way. It was like the card was telling me, “Hey, it’s time to really look at yourself and figure out what’s holding you back.” So, I took that advice to heart. I started to dig deeper into my thoughts and feelings, trying to understand my real motives and what I was maybe scared to admit.

This wasn’t easy, but it was definitely a turning point. It made me see that sometimes you need to sort through your past and your doubts before you can clear the path for where you really want to go. This lesson was a big deal for me, helping me to reset my intentions with a lot more honesty and courage.

Last Thoughts on Judgement as Intentions

Judgement, in the context of intentions, serves as a powerful mirror reflecting our deepest motivations and the pivotal choices that define our path.

Whether upright or reversed, this card encourages a profound examination of our intentions, urging us to align them with our true purpose and to embrace the growth and changes necessary for our evolution.

Understanding the intentions behind our actions and decisions is crucial for moving forward in a way that is both authentic and fulfilling, allowing us to respond to our life’s calling with integrity and courage.