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Judgement as Feelings for Someone: Upright & Reversed

Exploring the depths of feelings for someone through the lens of the Judgement tarot card—whether drawn upright or reversed—unveils a realm of profound insights and transformation.

As we delve into Judgement’s implications for our feelings, we uncover the truths that lie beneath the surface, guiding us toward clarity, renewal, and potentially, a decisive call to action.

Lets talk about:
🌕 Judgement Upright as Feelings (Key Info)
🌔 Judgement Reversed as Feelings (Key Info)
🌓 Judgement as Feelings After Break Ups (Exes)
🌒 7 Insightful Points to Know

Judgement Upright: Feelings & Basics To Know

💟 The Basics of Judgement (Upright)

In its upright form, Judgement signifies a profound moment of clarity and epiphany regarding one’s feelings for someone. It suggests that these emotions are not superficial but stem from a deep place of understanding and spiritual connection. This realization often comes after a period of reflection, indicating that one’s feelings are aligned with their higher self and life’s purpose, suggesting a relationship that encourages growth and transformation.

💟 Nature of Feelings (Upright)
  • Awakening to True Emotions: The presence of Judgement upright in the context of feelings for someone indicates a significant awakening to the true nature of these emotions, often revealing a deeper, more meaningful connection than previously acknowledged.
  • Renewed Perspective: It may also signify a renewal of feelings that were thought to be resolved or diminished, bringing them to the forefront with greater clarity and intensity.
  • Call to Action: This card encourages acting upon these feelings, whether it means expressing them openly, taking steps to deepen the relationship, or even releasing the connection if it no longer serves your highest good.

💟 Tips For Reacting to This Card

When facing Judgement upright in the context of feelings after a break-up, embrace the call for introspection and honesty with yourself. It’s a time to reflect on the relationship’s significance and the lessons it taught you.

Acknowledge the growth you’ve experienced and consider how it shapes your path forward. Use this period of awakening to forgive — both yourself and your former partner — allowing for the release of any lingering negativity. Act on this card’s message by taking steps toward your personal rebirth, focusing on healing, and opening yourself to the new possibilities that await you.

Judgement Reversed: Feelings & Basics To Know

💟 The Essence of Judgement (Reversed)

When reversed, Judgement indicates hesitation, denial, or unresolved feelings regarding someone. It suggests that there may be doubts about the nature or authenticity of one’s emotions, possibly stemming from fear of change or facing the truth about the relationship. This position can also point to a reluctance to let go of past grievances that hinder moving forward.

💟 Nature of Feelings (Reversed)
  • Doubt and Hesitation: Reversed Judgement reflects uncertainty about one’s feelings, questioning their depth, authenticity, or the possibility of a future together.
  • Unresolved Past Issues: It may reveal that unresolved issues from the past are clouding one’s emotional clarity, preventing a true understanding of one’s feelings.
  • Resistance to Change: This card can indicate a resistance to confronting or acting upon these feelings due to fear of the unknown or the potential for upheaval in one’s life.

💟 Tips For Reacting to This Card

When Judgement appears reversed regarding feelings after a break-up, it signals a need to confront the denial or avoidance hindering your healing process. This card urges you to examine why you might be resisting closure or holding onto the past. It’s crucial to acknowledge any unresolved emotions or lessons you’ve been avoiding.

Engage in activities or seek support that encourages self-reflection and emotional honesty. Consider professional counseling if finding clarity and moving forward seems particularly challenging. Remember, reversing the stagnation symbolized by Judgement begins with a willingness to face and work through your emotions constructively.

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Judgement as Feelings After Break Ups…. Exes 👀

When the Judgement card appears in the context of feelings after a break-up, it signifies a critical phase of self-reflection and reassessment of one’s emotions towards the relationship that has ended.

This card urges an individual to rise above the immediate pain and confusion, inviting a deeper examination of the lessons learned and the growth experienced as a result of the partnership. It’s a time for shedding old skins and embracing the transformative process that follows a significant ending, allowing for the emergence of a renewed sense of self.

The feelings unearthed during this period can lead to significant revelations about personal desires, needs, and the direction one wishes to take moving forward.

Judgement, in this scenario, also heralds a period of healing and forgiveness—both for oneself and the former partner. It encourages releasing any lingering bitterness or regret, recognizing that each relationship, no matter its outcome, serves a purpose in our life’s journey.

Embracing the call to forgive and let go, as symbolized by Judgement, paves the way for genuine healing and prepares the heart for future connections. The process underscores the importance of closing chapters with grace and gratitude, making peace with the past to welcome new beginnings with an open heart and a clear mind.

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7 Insightful Points About Judgement as Feelings for Someone

  1. Clarity and Truth: Upright Judgement calls for honesty and clarity about one’s feelings, emphasizing the importance of aligning with one’s truth.
  2. Deep Emotional Connection: It suggests that feelings rooted in a profound emotional and spiritual connection have the power to transform and heal.
  3. Potential for Renewal: These feelings may signify the potential for renewal in relationships, offering a chance to revisit and revitalize connections.
  4. Importance of Reflection: Reflecting on the past, acknowledging mistakes, and learning from them are crucial for understanding one’s true feelings.
  5. Hesitation and Doubt: Reversed Judgement highlights the challenges of doubt and hesitation, urging individuals to seek clarity and resolve.
  6. Letting Go of the Past: It also speaks to the necessity of releasing past grievances to fully embrace and act upon one’s feelings.
  7. Fear of Change: The card warns against allowing fear to dictate one’s actions, encouraging courage in the face of change and emotional vulnerability.

Last Thoughts on Judgement as Feelings for Someone

Judgement, in the context of feelings for someone, serves as a mirror to the depths of one’s emotions, offering a chance for introspection and clarity.

Whether these feelings are revealed to be profound and transformative or fraught with hesitation and unresolved issues, Judgement calls on individuals to face their emotions with honesty and bravery.

Recognizing the significance of these feelings, whether to pursue a deeper connection or to move on, is essential for personal growth and fulfilling relationships.

Acting with integrity and in alignment with one’s higher self ensures that whatever decision is made, it will lead to evolution and enlightenment on the personal journey of love and self-discovery.

judgement as feelings upright & reversed