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Is It Okay To Sell Tarot Cards: (Know This First!)

The practice of selling used tarot cards is a topic that intertwines considerations of personal beliefs, spiritual ethics, and practicality.

Whether you’re downsizing your collection or passing on a deck that no longer resonates with you, understanding the nuances of selling used tarot cards is important.

This article breaks down various aspects of this question to offer a comprehensive view.

Lets talk about:
🌕 Ethical and Spiritual Considerations
🌔 Practical Aspects of Selling Used Tarot Cards
🌓 Selling as a Form of Rehoming
🌒 Cleansing and Preparing the Deck
🌑 How Much To Sell a Tarot Deck For?
🌘 Where Can You Sell a Tarot Deck?

Ethical and Spiritual Considerations

Two crucial things to think about before selling a tarot deck is the ethical and spiritual nuances. Tarot decks have energy, and often times you’ll build a personal connection with a deck. Depending upon what you and someone else may believe, this is sacred to one person.

Personal Connection with the Deck

  • Tarot cards often develop a personal connection with their owner. Before deciding to sell, consider the bond you might have formed with the deck. Some practitioners believe that this bond imbues the cards with personal energy or spiritual significance, which can influence the decision to sell them.

Respecting the Deck’s Energy

  • From a spiritual standpoint, it’s believed by some that tarot decks hold the energy of their owners. If you subscribe to this belief, consider cleansing the deck before selling it. This act is seen as a way to neutralize your energy, allowing the new owner to form their connection with the deck.

Practical Aspects of Selling Used Tarot Cards

A couple of important practical aspects of selling tarot cards to consider.

Condition of the Deck

  • Assess the physical condition of the deck. A well-maintained deck, free from significant wear and tear, is more likely to be valued by a new owner. If the cards are damaged or heavily worn, their usability and appeal might be diminished.

Market for Used Decks

  • There is a market for used tarot decks, especially for out-of-print or rare editions. Some buyers seek decks that have been ‘broken in’ or previously used, believing them to carry unique energies or histories.

Selling as a Form of Rehoming

A good way to view selling a tarot deck is that you’re rehoming it. Many other people out there could really use a tarot deck and might not like to buy new. Sometimes, passing the deck on (sale or no sale) is viewed as a positive thing.

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Finding the Right New Owner

  • Selling your deck can be viewed as a way of rehoming it to someone who might connect with it more deeply. Consider selling to someone who appreciates the deck’s aesthetic, energy, or historical value.

Setting Intentions for the Transfer

  • When selling your deck, setting positive intentions or saying a small blessing for the new owner can be a thoughtful gesture. It can be seen as passing on the deck’s wisdom while wishing the new owner a fulfilling journey with it.

Cleansing and Preparing the Deck

If you do decide to sell a tarot deck, it’s important to cleanse, package, and present the deck appropriately. Here are some basic tips and advice to follow.

Cleansing Rituals

  • If you choose to perform a cleansing ritual, there are various methods like smudging with sage, placing the cards in moonlight, or using crystals. This ritual is meant to clear the deck of your personal energy and prepare it for its new owner.

Packaging and Presentation

  • Consider the presentation of the deck when selling. Including the original box, booklets, or any additional materials that came with the deck can make it more appealing and useful to the buyer.

How Much To Sell a Tarot Deck For?

Another important aspect of selling your tarot deck is the price asked for, along with it’s history and condition.

Fair Pricing

  • Set a fair price that reflects the deck’s condition, rarity, and market demand. Avoid overpricing, as this may be viewed as taking advantage of the spiritual significance of the cards.

Honesty About the Deck’s History

  • Be transparent about the deck’s history, including how long you’ve had it, how often it was used, and any quirks or peculiarities it might have. Full disclosure ensures that the buyer knows exactly what they are purchasing.

Where Can You Sell a Tarot Deck?

Selling a tarot deck involves more than just a transaction; it’s about finding the right new home for a tool steeped in personal and spiritual significance.

The choice of where to sell a tarot deck can carry different meanings and implications, impacting both the seller and the prospective buyer.

Let’s explore the appropriateness of various venues for selling tarot decks and what each might signify.

Online Marketplaces: Accessibility vs. Personal Connection

  • Selling on platforms like eBay, Etsy, or Amazon offers wide accessibility and the potential to reach a diverse audience. However, these environments can be impersonal. There’s a trade-off between reaching a large number of potential buyers and lacking the personal interaction that can be important in transferring a spiritual tool. These platforms are more suitable for transactions that are seen primarily as commercial rather than those requiring a deeper spiritual connection.

Dedicated Tarot and Spiritual Platforms: Community and Shared Values

  • Engaging with online tarot forums, communities, or social media groups dedicated to tarot can be more meaningful. These platforms tend to attract individuals who are deeply interested in and knowledgeable about tarot. Selling in such spaces can feel more appropriate for those who wish to ensure their deck goes to someone who understands and values its spiritual significance. There’s a sense of community and shared passion, making the transaction more personal and aligned with the deck’s purpose.

Local Options: Personal Interaction and Energy Exchange

  • Selling to local spiritual or metaphysical shops, or at events like psychic fairs or markets, can be very appropriate for those who value face-to-face interaction. It allows for a direct energy exchange, where the seller can meet the buyer and get a sense of their energy or intentions. This setting can be more satisfying for those who believe in the personal and energetic dimensions of tarot decks. It feels more like passing on a legacy than conducting a mere transaction.


Selling used tarot cards can be a straightforward process when approached with respect, mindfulness, and honesty.

Whether driven by practical reasons or a sense of spiritual readiness to let go, selling a deck is a personal decision that can benefit another’s tarot journey.

By considering the deck’s condition, cleansing it thoughtfully, setting a fair price, and finding the right new owner, you can ensure a respectful and positive transfer of your cherished tarot deck.