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Is It Bad to Take Photos of Tarot Cards: (Key Advice)

In the diverse and expansive world of tarot, practitioners and enthusiasts often seek to capture the essence and visual splendor of their readings and decks through photography.

This practice, however, has sparked debate and curiosity regarding its appropriateness and potential impact on the energy or efficacy of the tarot cards.

This article delves into the considerations surrounding the taking of photos or pictures of tarot cards, aiming to shed light on various perspectives and offer guidance.

Lets talk about:
🌕 The Debate Around Photographing Tarot Cards
🌔 Consider This Before Taking Photos of Tarot Cards
🌓 FAQs on Photographing Tarot Cards
🌒 Last Thoughts

The Debate Around Photographing Tarot Cards

Let’s run through the difference between traditional views and modern views.

Traditional Views

Traditionally, some practitioners have held that tarot cards are sacred tools of divination that should be treated with utmost respect and care. From this viewpoint, capturing their images in photographs could be seen as diminishing their sanctity or exposing their energy to negative influences. Concerns may also arise about sharing these images publicly, where they could be subject to misinterpretation or disrespect.

Modern Perspectives

Conversely, many modern tarot readers and enthusiasts embrace the practice of photographing tarot cards, viewing it as a means to document and share the beauty and insight of their readings. This approach often considers that the power of tarot lies not in the physical cards themselves but in the interpretation and intuition of the reader. From this perspective, photographs can serve as valuable records of readings, tools for reflection, and a way to connect with the broader tarot community.

Consider This Before Taking Photos of Tarot Cards

There are three important things to consider before taking those gorgeous photos of your tarot cards!

Intention Matters

The intention behind taking photographs of tarot cards plays a crucial role. If the purpose is to honor and document the insights provided by the cards, this respectful approach is unlikely to diminish their energy or effectiveness. Conversely, if photos are taken carelessly or with disregard for the cards’ significance, it could be perceived as less respectful.

Sharing Images Responsibly

When sharing tarot card images, especially in public forums or on social media, it’s essential to consider the context and potential audience. Sharing readings that were deeply personal or featuring cards from decks with explicit imagery may require careful thought to ensure that the content is appropriate and respectful to all viewers.

Energy and Cleansing

For those concerned about the impact of photography on their cards’ energy, incorporating cleansing rituals after photographing or sharing images of the cards can be a reassuring practice. This might include smudging the deck with sage, placing them in moonlight, or using crystals for purification.

FAQs on Photographing Tarot Cards

Can taking photos of my tarot cards affect their accuracy in future readings?

There’s no consensus among practitioners that photography impacts a tarot deck’s effectiveness or accuracy. Many believe that the cards’ power resides in the interpretation and energy of the reader, unaffected by being photographed.

Is it okay to post pictures of my tarot readings online?

Yes, it’s generally acceptable to share pictures of your tarot readings online, provided you do so with respect and consideration for both the cards and your audience. It’s also wise to reflect on whether the reading was personal and if sharing it publicly aligns with your intentions and respects the privacy of anyone involved in the reading.

How can I cleanse my tarot deck if I feel its energy has been disturbed?

There are various methods to cleanse a tarot deck, including:

  • Passing each card through sage smoke or using other smudging herbs.
  • Placing the deck in moonlight, especially during a full moon, to recharge.
  • Storing the deck with cleansing crystals like clear quartz or amethyst.
  • Simply shuffling the deck with the intention of clearing stagnant energy can also be effective.

Last Thoughts

The practice of taking photographs of tarot cards is a personal choice that reflects the evolving nature of tarot as both a spiritual practice and an art form.

Whether for personal reflection, sharing insights, or celebrating the aesthetic beauty of tarot, photography can be a meaningful extension of tarot practice when approached with respect and intention.

As with all aspects of tarot, listening to your intuition and respecting the cards’ energy and significance will guide you in harmoniously integrating photography into your tarot journey.