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How To Turn/Flip Over Tarot Cards: (Right & Wrong)

Turning over tarot cards might seem like a straightforward action, but in the realm of tarot reading, how you handle the cards can significantly influence the energy and flow of a reading.

The manner in which cards are flipped and revealed carries its own set of considerations, rooted in personal practice, respect for the tarot, and the intention behind the reading.

This article explores the nuanced approaches to turning over tarot cards, aiming to guide both new and seasoned readers on practices that enhance the tarot experience.

Lets talk about:
🌕 Why Turning Tarot Cards Properly Is Important
🌔 Recommended Methods of Flipping Tarot Cards
🌓 Common Ways To Turn Over Tarot Cards
🌒 Wrong Ways To Flip Tarot Cards
🌑 Last Thoughts

Why Turning Tarot Cards Properly Is Important

The act of flipping tarot cards is more than just a physical action; it’s a moment of revelation, where the symbols and messages of the tarot meet the seeker’s energy. This moment can be charged with anticipation and energy, making the method of turning cards over part of the ritual of reading.

Recommended Methods of Flipping Tarot Cards

Here’s three things to consider when flipping tarot cards.

➡️ Approach with Intention

  • Mindful Handling: Approach the deck with respect and clear intention. Before beginning your reading, take a moment to center yourself, focusing on the question or guidance sought.

➡️ Consistent Direction

  • Uniformity: Choose a method of flipping that feels intuitive and stick with it throughout the reading. Some readers prefer flipping the card towards themselves to immediately engage with the card’s imagery and energy personally. Others flip cards away from themselves to present the images directly to the querent, especially in professional readings.

➡️ Respect the Cards’ Orientation

  • Upright or Reversed: Pay attention to how you turn over the cards to maintain their intended orientation. This is crucial for readings where reversed cards have specific meanings different from their upright counterparts.

Common Ways To Turn Over Tarot Cards

There are two common methods to turning tarot cards known as the slide and flip and the lift and reveal.

➡️ The Slide and Flip

Gently slide the card towards you, then flip it horizontally, revealing the image in a smooth motion. This method allows for a direct engagement with the card and is often seen as a way to preserve the energy and integrity of the reading.

➡️ The Lift and Reveal

Pick the card up from the deck and turn it over vertically, like turning a page in a book. This method can add a sense of ceremony to the reveal, making each card’s appearance a significant moment.

Wrong Ways To Flip Tarot Cards

Let’s run through three things to avoid when flipping a tarot card in a reading. These are big no-nos.

❌ Rushing the Process

Avoid rushing through the flipping of cards. The reveal is an important part of the reading’s rhythm and should be approached with care and attention.

❌ Inconsistency

Flipping some cards towards you and others away, or changing the method mid-reading, can introduce confusion and disrupt the reading’s flow.

❌ Disrespectful Handling

While the cards are durable, they should be handled gently and with respect. Avoid bending or snapping the cards as you flip them, as this can damage the cards and detract from the reading’s sacredness.

Last Thoughts

How you turn over tarot cards can subtly influence the tone and depth of a tarot reading. By choosing a method that aligns with your intuition, respects the tarot’s tradition, and honors the seeker’s journey, you create a space where meaningful insights can emerge.

Whether you’re reading for yourself or others, the act of flipping tarot cards is a ritual in itself, deserving of mindfulness and intention.

Remember, the best practices in tarot reading are those that resonate with you and enhance the connection between the tarot, the reader, and the querent.