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Friend or Foe Tarot: (How To Find The Truth)

In the intricate tapestry of human relationships, discerning allies from adversaries can sometimes be a challenge.

The “Friend or Foe Tarot” spread is a specialized tarot reading designed to shed light on the dynamics of personal relationships, helping querents navigate their social landscape with greater clarity and insight.

This article delves into the essence of the Friend or Foe Tarot, offering guidance on how to approach these readings for meaningful revelations about the people in your life.

Lets talk about:
🌕 Understanding the Friend or Foe Tarot Spread
🌔 3 Ways To Approach Friend or Foe Readings
🌓 Interpreting the Cards From a Friend or Foe Reading
🌒 Ethics and Responsibility
🌑 Last Thoughts

Understanding the Friend or Foe Tarot Spread

The Friend or Foe Tarot spread is a tool aimed at uncovering the true intentions and feelings of someone in your life.

Whether you’re questioning the loyalty of a long-time friend, the sincerity of a new acquaintance, or the commitment of a business partner, this spread can offer valuable perspectives.

By highlighting the energies surrounding your relationship with a particular individual, the spread helps identify whether they are likely to be a supportive ally or a hidden adversary.

Friend or Foe Spread:

While variations of the spread exist, a common approach involves drawing three to five cards, each representing different aspects of the relationship:

  1. The Current State: This card reflects the present dynamics of your relationship with the person in question.
  2. Their Intentions: Reveals what the other person’s true intentions towards you might be, whether they are conscious or subconscious.
  3. The Foundation: Sheds light on the basis of your relationship, including past events or feelings that may influence current dynamics.
  4. The Outcome: Offers insight into where the relationship is headed, based on current energies and intentions.
  5. Advice: Provides guidance on how to approach the relationship for your highest good.

3 Ways To Approach Friend or Foe Readings

Let’s run through a few important ways to approach a friend or foe reading. Keep note!

➡️ Set Clear Intentions

Before shuffling your deck, it’s crucial to set clear intentions for your reading. Focus on the person and your relationship with them, seeking understanding and guidance rather than validation of fears or suspicions.

➡️ Maintain Objectivity

Try to approach the reading with an open mind and heart, ready to receive whatever insights the cards may offer. Detaching from preconceived notions allows for a more unbiased interpretation.

➡️ Listen to Your Intuition

While the cards provide the framework for the reading, your intuition is a powerful tool for deciphering their meanings. Pay attention to any thoughts, feelings, or images that arise as you lay out and interpret the cards.

Interpreting the Cards From a Friend or Foe Reading

Each card in the spread contributes a piece of the puzzle. Look for patterns, themes, or symbols that resonate with your situation. Remember, tarot readings are as much about intuition and personal interpretation as they are about traditional card meanings.

Seeking Further Clarity

If the reading raises more questions than it answers, consider drawing an additional card for clarification on specific points. Alternatively, reflecting on the reading or journaling about it can help uncover deeper insights over time.

Ethics and Responsibility

There’s a couple of very important “rules” if you will, that should be respected whenever conducting or receiving a friend or foe reading. These are important because they preserve tarot’s main goal which is to help and guide, not stir up issues and create more problems.

Respect Privacy

When conducting a Friend or Foe Tarot reading about someone else, it’s important to respect their privacy and autonomy. Use the insights gained for personal reflection and growth, rather than confrontation or gossip.

Use for Personal Growth

Ultimately, the goal of the Friend or Foe Tarot spread is to aid in personal growth and understanding. It can help you navigate relationships more wisely, but it should not be the sole basis for major decisions about people in your life.


The Friend or Foe Tarot spread is a profound tool for exploring the nuances of personal relationships, offering insights into the intentions, dynamics, and future paths of those around us.

By approaching these readings with clear intentions, an open mind, and a responsible heart, we can gain valuable guidance on how to foster healthy, supportive relationships and recognize those that may not serve our highest good.

Remember, the tarot offers a lens through which to view our lives and relationships, but the power to choose our path remains firmly in our hands.