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The Ex Tarot Card Spread: How To Know If It’s Truly Over

The Ex Tarot Spread can offer profound insights into how both parties have grown since the breakup, the current state of their emotional landscape, and potential future interactions.

It’s a tool for reflection, allowing individuals to look at their past relationship from a new perspective and understand the factors that led to its dissolution.

Lets talk about:
🌕 Understanding the ex tarot spread
🌔 Main card positions to know
🌓 The ex tarot spread layout
🌒 How do they feel?
🌑 What will happen?
🌘 Tips & FAQs for the ex tarot reading

Understanding How The Ex Tarot Spread Works

The Ex Tarot Spread is a specific layout used in tarot readings to gain insights into past relationships, understand the dynamics between former lovers, and explore the potential for reconciliation or closure.

This spread is particularly useful for those seeking clarity on their feelings and the lessons to be learned from a past relationship.

The layout involves placing tarot cards in a predefined order, each position representing a different aspect of the relationship with an ex-partner.

Card Positions in the Ex Tarot Spread

The Ex Tarot Spread unfolds through a sequence of cards, each designated to explore different facets of your past relationship:

  1. Your Feelings Now: Reveals how you currently feel about your ex.
  2. Their Feelings Now: Shows how your ex currently feels about you.
  3. Relationship Lessons: Highlights what you both learned from being together.
  4. Reconciliation Barriers: Points out what might stop you two from getting back together.
  5. Outside Factors: Considers what outside things affected your relationship.
  6. Getting Back Together?: Looks at if there’s a chance you and your ex could reunite.

Each position is crafted to provide clarity and guidance on navigating the nuances of your previous connection and what the future might hold.

Preparing for the Ex Tarot Spread

To begin, it’s crucial to create a serene environment for your reading. Seek out a tranquil space where you won’t be disturbed.

Engage in a few deep breathing exercises to ground yourself, and consciously set your intentions for the reading.

Remember, tarot serves as a mirror to your inner thoughts and a guide through life’s complexities, rather than offering definitive forecasts of future events.

Try The Layout Below (at home readings)

ex tarot card spread

How Do They Feel?

Navigating through feelings is often the heart of a reading. When you pull the card that represents how they feel about you, careful interpretation is essential.

For instance, The Moon may hint at confusion or unclear emotions towards you, suggesting a layer of mystery or unresolved feelings. On the other hand, The Chariot could signify a strong will or determination, possibly reflecting their focused intent regarding your relationship.

Keep in mind, tarot cards unveil potential energies and emotions rather than delivering definitive answers.

6 Most Significant Cards in an Ex Tarot Spread

In the realm of tarot readings focusing on past relationships, certain cards carry profound significance when exploring the dynamics with an ex. Here’s a deeper look into six pivotal cards you might encounter in an Ex Tarot Spread and their potential implications:

1. The Moon

Significance: The Moon card is emblematic of illusions, fears, and the untapped subconscious. Its appearance in an Ex Tarot Spread suggests unresolved emotions and hidden aspects of the relationship that may have influenced its course.

What It Could Mean: Drawing The Moon could indicate that there are underlying truths and feelings about the relationship that need to be acknowledged and addressed. It hints at the need for introspection to uncover and confront these hidden elements for emotional clarity and healing.

2. The High Priestess

Significance: The High Priestess stands for intuition, mysteries, and understanding that goes beyond the surface. In the context of an Ex Tarot Spread, she can signify the deep, unspoken bond that existed between you and your ex, as well as the wisdom gained from the relationship.

What It Could Mean: When The High Priestess appears, it suggests that there are lessons to be learned from the silence and what was left unsaid. It encourages trusting your intuition about the relationship’s impact on your life and personal growth.

3. The Chariot

Significance: This card symbolizes determination, control, and overcoming challenges. Its presence in a reading about an ex can reflect the struggle to find direction and the strength needed to move forward.

What It Could Mean: The Chariot may indicate that, despite the obstacles and emotional turmoil, there is a path to overcoming the past. It calls for harnessing willpower and confidence to steer your life towards healing and personal victories.

4. Justice

Significance: Justice is about fairness, balance, and truth. In an Ex Tarot Spread, it can represent the need for closure, understanding the true reasons behind the breakup, and seeing the relationship from an unbiased perspective.

What It Could Mean: This card suggests that it’s time to weigh the actions and decisions that led to the relationship’s end. It encourages a balanced evaluation of both parties’ contributions to the breakup to foster forgiveness and closure.

5. The Six of Cups

Significance: The Six of Cups is associated with nostalgia, memories, and innocence. Its appearance can highlight the joyful moments and the pure, uncomplicated love shared in the past.

What It Could Mean: Drawing the Six of Cups might suggest reminiscing about the positive aspects of the relationship and the lessons of love and joy it brought into your life. It can also indicate that looking back with fondness, rather than bitterness, may aid in the healing process.

6. The Ten of Cups

Significance: This card is a symbol of emotional fulfillment, happiness, and familial bliss. In an Ex Tarot Spread, it can represent the idealized version of what the relationship aspired to be or the potential it once had.

What It Could Mean: The Ten of Cups may surface to remind you of the dreams and hopes you had with your ex. It challenges you to find peace with the fact that while not all relationships last, they can still teach us about our desires for love and connection.

When interpreting these cards within the context of an Ex Tarot Spread, it’s crucial to consider their positions and the narrative woven by the spread as a whole. Each card’s message can provide unique insights into the dynamics of the past relationship, offering guidance for personal growth and future relationships.

What Will Happen?

The outcomes of the Ex Tarot Spread can vary greatly depending on the cards drawn and their positions. Some readings may suggest that the relationship has served its purpose, and it’s time for both parties to move on and grow independently.

Other spreads may highlight a potential for reconciliation, but only after significant personal development and overcoming mutual challenges.

The spread might also reveal unresolved issues, suggesting that understanding and forgiveness could pave the way for a healthier interaction in the future, whether or not the relationship is rekindled. Ultimately, the outcome hinges on the individuals’ actions and choices post-reading.

Tips for Your Tarot Reading: Enhancing the Experience

  1. Stay Open-Minded – Approach the reading with an open heart and mind, ready to receive whatever insights the cards may offer.
  2. Focus on Your Intention – Clearly set your intention before the reading. Focusing on what you hope to understand or resolve can guide the cards’ energy.
  3. Reflect on the Messages – After the reading, spend time reflecting on the insights provided. Journaling about your thoughts and feelings can help process the reading.
  4. Seek Professional Guidance – If certain cards or messages are challenging to interpret, consider consulting with a professional tarot reader for deeper insights.

FAQs About the Crush Tarot Spread

  • Can the Ex Tarot Spread predict if my ex will come back?
    While the spread can offer insights into the potential for reconciliation, it’s not a definitive prediction. It’s more about understanding the dynamics at play.
  • Is it possible to do a reading if I’m still very emotional about the breakup?
    Yes, but it may be beneficial to wait until you can approach the reading with a more balanced perspective to ensure objectivity.
  • How often should I do an Ex Tarot Spread?
    It’s best to wait some time before repeating the spread to allow for developments and personal growth.

Last Thoughts

Navigating the waters of past relationships can be complex, and the Ex Tarot Spread offers a beacon of insight for those journeying through this reflective process.

By understanding the current feelings, lessons learned, and potential future with an ex, individuals can find a path toward healing and personal growth.

Whether the cards suggest moving forward independently or opening the door to reconciliation, the key is to approach this guidance with an open heart and mind.

Remember, tarot readings are not about predicting a set future but empowering you to make informed decisions that align with your inner truth and well-being.