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Does Tarot Make You Tired: (Energetic Impact of Tarot)

Tarot reading, an insightful practice steeped in symbolism and intuition, can be a deeply enriching experience.

However, it’s not uncommon for both tarot readers and clients to feel tired or drained after a session.

Our thoughts: Tarot readings can be mentally and emotionally draining due to the deep spiritual connection, empathic energy exchange, and intense focus required.

This article delves into why tarot readings might cause fatigue and how to manage your energy effectively during these spiritual exercises.

Lets talk about:
πŸŒ• Why Do Tarot Readings Feel Intense?
πŸŒ” Is Tarot Mentally Exhausting?
πŸŒ“ Can Being Empathic Affect Energy Levels?
πŸŒ’ Does the Physical Aspect of Reading Matter?
πŸŒ‘ How Can You Manage Your Energy Better?
🌘 What Makes a Reading Space Energizing?

Why Do Tarot Readings Feel Intense?

Tarot readings often transcend mere card interpretation, venturing into the realms of deep emotional and spiritual connections.

This intensity is not just a hallmark of the practice but also a key to its profound impact. However, it’s this very depth that can sometimes leave both readers and clients feeling drained.

What Makes Tarot Emotionally Draining?

  • Emotional Connection: The depth of emotional and spiritual engagement in tarot readings can be mentally and emotionally taxing.
  • Energetic Dynamics: The flow of energy between the reader, client, and cards, especially in intense sessions, can contribute to fatigue.

Is Tarot Mentally Exhausting?

Engaging with the Tarot is not just an emotional journey but also a mentally demanding one. Each card serves as a mirror, reflecting intricate facets of life and requiring a blend of intuition and intellect to unravel their meanings.

This process, while enriching, can be mentally taxing for both the reader and the querent.

What Role Does Interpretation Play?

  • Mental Effort: The process of interpreting the cards requires significant concentration and mental focus.
  • Emotional Involvement: Readers often invest emotionally, especially when dealing with sensitive topics, adding to the mental workload.

Can Being Empathic Affect Energy Levels?

Empathy is a double-edged sword in tarot readings. While it allows a deeper connection and understanding, it also makes readers more susceptible to absorbing the energies around them.

This heightened sensitivity, particularly in an empathic reader, can significantly impact energy levels during and after a reading session.

How Does Sensitivity Impact Readers?

  • Empathic Strain: Empathic readers might absorb emotional energies, which can be draining.
  • Sensitivity to Surroundings: The reading environment, including factors like ambiance and noise, can also affect a reader’s energy.

My Personal Experience

I remember vividly the first time I truly felt drained after a tarot reading. It was a particularly intense session where I connected deeply with a client going through a major life transition. As I laid out the cards and delved into their meanings, I could feel the emotional weight of the reading.

I empathized so strongly with the client’s situation that by the end of the session, it felt as though I had taken on some of their emotional burden myself. The images of the cards lingered in my mind, and their energies seemed to echo through me. It wasn’t just mental fatigue; my body felt heavy, as if I had physically exerted myself.

In the hours that followed, I realized the importance of grounding and protecting my own energy. I learned that while empathy and connection are powerful tools in tarot readings, they need to be balanced with self-care and energy management techniques.

That experience was a turning point for me, teaching me to not only respect the energies I work with in tarot readings but also to honor and care for my own. Since then, I’ve incorporated grounding rituals and created a serene space for my readings, which has made a world of difference in how I feel after each session.

Does the Physical Aspect of Reading Matter?

Often overlooked, the physical aspect of tarot reading plays a crucial role in the overall energy dynamics of the session.

The physical posture of the reader, the environment in which the reading takes place, and even the duration of the session can all have tangible effects on energy levels.

How Does Posture and Setting Influence Energy?

  • Physical Discomfort: Long periods of sitting and maintaining a particular posture can lead to physical fatigue.
  • Environmental Impact: External factors like lighting and space setup can influence the reader’s energy levels.

How Can You Manage Your Energy Better?

Understanding the various ways in which tarot readings can impact your energy is crucial, but it’s equally important to know how to manage and conserve this energy.

Effective energy management is key to ensuring that tarot remains a sustainable and enriching practice for readers.

What Are Effective Energy Management Techniques?

  • Grounding Methods: Practices like grounding can help maintain energy balance.
  • Boundary Setting: Limiting readings and taking breaks are crucial to prevent exhaustion.
  • Self-Care: Engaging in restorative activities is essential for energy replenishment.

What Makes a Reading Space Energizing?

The environment where a tarot reading takes place can greatly influence the energy of both the reader and the querent.

An energizing reading space is not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating an atmosphere that fosters concentration, calmness, and positive energy flow.

How Can You Optimize Your Environment?

  • Comfort and Ambiance: A comfortable and welcoming reading space can minimize physical and environmental drains.
  • Cleansing Routines: Regular cleansing of the reading area and tarot deck can maintain a positive energy flow.


Feeling tired after tarot readings is a common experience attributed to the emotional, mental, and energetic demands of the practice.

Recognizing the factors contributing to this fatigue and implementing strategies to manage and replenish energy can make tarot reading a more sustainable and enjoyable practice.

Whether you’re a seasoned tarot reader or a curious enthusiast, understanding and respecting your energetic limits is key to maintaining balance and ensuring that every tarot session is both enlightening and fulfilling.