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Do Tarot Cards Have To Be Gifted? (Really)

A common belief that has stirred interest and debate is whether tarot cards have to be gifted to a person rather than purchased for oneself.

Let’s explore this intriguing concept and demystify whether or not tarot cards indeed need to be gifted.

Disclaimer: I bought my own tarot cards. But I’ve spoken to many people from both sides.

Let’s talk about:
🌑 The traditions of gifting tarot cards
🌒 Do we need to gift tarot cards today?
🌓 Intention is important
🌔 Gifting as a mentorship gesture
🌕 Gifting with specific intentions
🌖 Can I gift tarot cards to someone else?

The Tradition of Gifting Tarot Cards

The idea that tarot cards should be gifted can be traced back to various traditions and superstitions.

It’s definitely something that has a lot of history attached to it. So for many, gifting is significant.

Some believe that receiving a tarot deck as a gift helps transfer energy and connection from a trusted friend or family member, thus enriching the bond between the reader and the cards.

Others see gifting a deck as a symbolic initiation into the world of tarot, marking a rite of passage for the recipient.

Do We Really Need To Gift Tarot Cards?

Nowadays, most people think not.

Me personally? (I bought my own)…

Many modern tarot readers, practitioners, and teachers argue that buying a deck for oneself can be a powerful, personal choice. (me too)

By selecting a deck that resonates with one’s own intuition and aesthetic preferences, a reader can create a personal connection that’s equally strong and meaningful.

Professional tarot readers often own multiple decks, and it’s impractical to expect each one to be gifted.

Buying a deck allows the individual to choose the one that resonates best with their practice and personal aesthetic.

The Power of Intention

Whether gifted or purchased, what seems to matter most in the relationship between a reader and their deck is the intention with which the cards are used.

Cleansing and bonding rituals can help create a powerful connection with a new deck, regardless of how it was acquired.

Some readers recommend spending time with a new deck, meditating with it, and even sleeping with it under the pillow to create a strong energetic connection.

Gifting as a Mentorship Gesture

In some tarot communities, the act of gifting a tarot deck can be seen as a mentorship gesture.

Seasoned readers or spiritual mentors who see potential in someone might gift a tarot deck to encourage them to pursue their spiritual or psychic development.

This mentorship gesture is more than just a symbolic act; it’s an endorsement and encouragement, a sign that the mentor sees something special in the recipient.

It may come with an offer of guidance or training, forming a bond between mentor and student that is commemorated and strengthened by the gifted deck.

tarot card gift

Gifting with Specific Intentions and Blessings

Another angle to consider is the practice of gifting tarot cards with specific intentions or blessings.

Unlike a general gift, these tarot decks are infused with particular wishes or prayers for the recipient.

For instance, a deck might be gifted with the intention of bringing clarity, empowerment, or healing to the recipient’s life.

Some might even include a special note or a written blessing that explains the intention behind the gift.

This practice adds a profound spiritual layer to the act of gifting, transforming it into a ritual or ceremony.

It emphasizes the thought and consideration behind the gift and aligns the energy of the deck with the unique needs or path of the recipient.

The person gifting the deck may also perform a ritual or cleanse the deck with sage or other herbs to ensure that it is energetically aligned with the recipient.

This can create a more profound connection and turn the simple act of gifting into a thoughtful and spiritual exchange.

Is It Okay To Gift Someone Tarot Cards?

The question of whether it’s appropriate to gift tarot cards can be nuanced and depends largely on the individual circumstances and relationships involved.

  1. Understanding the Recipient’s Beliefs and Interests: Before gifting a tarot deck, it’s considerate to understand the recipient’s beliefs, interests, and comfort level with tarot. For some, receiving a tarot deck may be a cherished and meaningful gift. Others might be unfamiliar or uncomfortable with tarot, making it a potentially unwelcome gift.
  2. Intent and Purpose of the Gift: If the intention behind gifting the tarot cards is positive, respectful, and aligned with the recipient’s interests, it can be a beautiful and thoughtful gesture. This is especially true if the gift is coming from a place of encouragement, mentorship, or spiritual connection, as discussed earlier.
  3. Consideration of Cultural or Personal Sensitivities: In some cultures or personal belief systems, tarot or divination practices might be viewed differently. Being aware of these sensitivities can guide the decision-making process.
  4. Providing Context and Guidance: If gifting a tarot deck to someone new to the practice, including a guidebook, a personal note explaining the intention, or an offer to help them learn can make the gift more thoughtful and accessible.
  5. Emphasizing Personal Choice: Some people may choose to embrace the tradition that tarot decks should be gifted and may express this preference. Others might feel strongly about selecting their deck. Open communication and respect for personal choice are key.

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Last thoughts

The belief that tarot cards have to be gifted is a charming tradition rooted in symbolism and the idea of connected energy.

However, it is not a universally accepted or required practice in the modern tarot community.

Purchasing your tarot deck allows you the freedom to select a design and energy that resonate specifically with you.

Whether gifted or bought, what truly matters is the connection, respect, and intention you bring to your tarot practice.

If you’re considering buying a tarot deck for yourself or gifting one to someone else, remember that the decision is deeply personal.

There’s no right or wrong way, only what feels right for you.

Embrace the tradition if it speaks to you, or forge your own path in the vast and magical world of tarot. Either way, the cards are waiting to share their wisdom.