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When It IS & ISN’T Okay To Redo a Tarot Reading

In the nuanced world of tarot reading, a common question that arises is whether it’s acceptable or effective to redo a reading.

Whether driven by uncertainty, a desire for more clarity, or simply curiosity, redoing a tarot reading is a topic worth exploring.

This article aims to provide comprehensive insights into when and why you might consider redoing a tarot reading, and the best practices for doing so.

Let’s Talk About:
🌕 Understanding the Nature of Tarot Readings
🌔 Can You Immediately Redo a Tarot Reading?
🌓 3 Reasons to Redo a Tarot Reading
🌒 When You Shouldn’t Redo a Reading
🌑 Best Practices for Redoing a Tarot Reading

Understanding the Nature of Tarot Readings

Before delving into redoing readings, it’s essential to understand what tarot cards offer.

Tarot readings are less about fortune-telling and more about providing guidance, offering a mirror to your subconscious, and presenting new perspectives on life’s challenges.

Each reading is a snapshot of energies and possibilities at a given moment.

Can You Immediately Redo a Tarot Reading?

Generally, it’s not advisable to immediately redo a tarot reading for the same question or issue.

Tarot readings are intended to provide insight and guidance based on the energies and circumstances at the time of the reading.

Redoing a reading too soon, especially for the same question, can lead to confusion and mixed messages, as the energies and your own perspective likely haven’t had enough time to change or evolve.

It’s usually better to allow some time for reflection and for the situation to unfold before seeking another reading on the same topic. This pause helps in gaining a clearer and more meaningful perspective when you do revisit the cards.

3 Reasons to Redo a Tarot Reading

Let’s run through three main reasons when redoing a tarot reading is generally considered fine.

♡ Seeking Clarity

  • Sometimes, a reading might leave you more puzzled than enlightened. In such cases, redoing the reading after some reflection or time past can help clarify the messages or insights you received.

♡ Changed Circumstances

  • If the situation you inquired about has significantly changed, it might be worthwhile to redo the reading. New developments can bring new energies, which might be reflected in a fresh reading.

♡ Personal Growth and Insight

  • As you evolve or your perspective on a situation changes, redoing a reading can provide new insights aligned with your current state of mind or phase in life.

When You Shouldn’t Redo a Reading

Sometimes redoing a reading isn’t the right thing to do. If any of these apply to you at the moment, then it’s probably best to give it some time and reflection before doing another reading.

♡ Obsessive Tendencies

  • Redoing readings out of an obsessive desire for a specific outcome can be counterproductive. Tarot is about guidance, not dictating predetermined outcomes.

♡ Too Soon After the First Reading

  • It’s generally advisable to give some time between readings, especially if the situation or your feelings about it haven’t changed. Redoing a reading too soon can lead to confusion and mixed messages.

Best Practices for Redoing a Tarot Reading

My personal advice when it comes to redoing tarot readings.

Reflect on the Initial Reading

  • Before you redo a reading, spend time reflecting on the initial one. Try to understand the messages or advice it offered and why it might have left you uncertain or seeking more.

Change the Question or Focus

  • If you decide to redo a reading, consider altering your question or the focus of the reading. This can help provide a different perspective and avoid repetitive messages.

Create a Clear Intention

  • Set a clear intention for why you are redoing the reading. Ensure that it’s done with a purpose, whether for deeper understanding, different insight, or guidance on a changed situation.

Be Open to the Messages

  • Approach the new reading with openness and a willingness to accept whatever insights it offers, even if they differ from what you hoped to hear.

Time Gap

  • Allow a reasonable time gap between readings to ensure that you’re not simply repeating the process without any new input or change in circumstances.


Redoing a tarot reading can be a valuable practice if approached with the right mindset and for the right reasons.

It’s important to use this tool responsibly and thoughtfully, recognizing that tarot is a guide to assist you in your journey and not a means to dictate or obsessively control outcomes.

Whether you’re seeking clarity, insight into changed circumstances, or personal growth, redoing a reading can offer valuable perspectives, provided it’s done with reflection, clear intentions, and an open mind.