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Can You Mix Two Tarot Decks Together: Good OR Bad?

Combining two tarot decks together, also known as mixing tarot cards, is a topic of interest for many tarot enthusiasts.

Is this practice okay? Is it forbidden, or can it actually help with your readings and insight? This article explores the concept of combining tarot decks, offering insights into the process and considerations for those curious about blending their decks.

Lets talk about:
๐ŸŒ• Is It OKAY To Mix Cards From Multiple Decks?
๐ŸŒ” Why Combine Tarot Decks?
๐ŸŒ“ How to Combine Tarot Decks
๐ŸŒ’ Considerations and Tips
๐ŸŒ‘ FAQs on Mixing Tarot Decks

Is It OKAY To Mix Tarot Cards From Multiple Decks?

Absolutely, it is okay to mix cards from multiple decks. This practice is a matter of personal preference and intention.

There are no strict tarot rules forbidding the blending of decks; rather, tarot is a flexible tool meant to serve your unique spiritual and divinatory path.

Mixing cards from different decks can enhance your readings, bringing in diverse perspectives and a richer tapestry of imagery and symbolism to draw from.

It allows for a customized experience that aligns with your intuition, creative desires, and the specific needs of the moment.

Why Combine Tarot Decks?

Let’s run through three potential reasons why it would be a good idea to try mixing cards. I’m not telling you what to do, but rather highlighting some of the positive aspects of this practice.

Enhanced Readings

Mixing tarot decks can add depth to your readings by introducing a broader range of imagery and symbolism. This can be especially beneficial if you feel stuck or if traditional interpretations seem lacking.

Personal Connection

Combining decks can help create a set of cards that feels more personally resonant. By selecting cards from different decks that speak to you on a deeper level, you can craft a customized tool for your readings.

Creative Exploration

For many, tarot is not only a divinatory tool but also an avenue for creative expression. Mixing decks allows for artistic experimentation and personal storytelling through the tarot.

How to Combine Tarot Decks

If you are interested in combining decks, here’s a few things to consider first.

Selecting Compatible Decks

Look for decks that share a similar aesthetic, theme, or energy to ensure they blend well together. Consider the size of the cards, the art style, and the overall vibe of each deck.

Balancing the Elements

Ensure that the elements (fire, water, air, earth) and other symbolic aspects are balanced within your combined deck. This can help maintain the integrity of readings and the coherence of the tarot system.

Intuition is Key

Trust your intuition when selecting which cards to combine. You might be drawn to mix certain cards together based on how their imagery or meanings complement each other.

Considerations and Tips

Deck Size

Remember that combining decks will result in a larger set of cards, which may be unwieldy for some. Consider how you’ll shuffle and handle a bigger deck during readings.

Clarity in Readings

With more cards and varied imagery, ensure that your readings remain clear and focused. It may take time to adjust to interpreting a mixed deck effectively.

Cleansing Your Combined Deck

When merging decks, it’s a good idea to cleanse them energetically to harmonize their energies. You can use sage, palo santo, crystals, or any other cleansing method you prefer.

FAQs on Mixing Tarot Decks

Can I mix tarot decks from different traditions?

Yes, you can mix decks from different tarot traditions, such as Rider-Waite-Smith with Marseille or Thoth. However, be mindful of the differences in symbolism and structure, which may affect how you interpret the cards.

How do I decide which cards to keep if duplicates exist?

Listen to your intuition to choose between duplicates. You might select based on the artwork that resonates more or the interpretation that you prefer. Some practitioners keep all duplicates for a richer reading experience.

Is it reversible?

Absolutely. If you decide that a combined deck isnโ€™t working for you, itโ€™s simple to separate the decks back to their original form. It’s all about experimenting to find what best supports your tarot journey.

Last Thoughts

Combining two tarot decks can be a deeply personal and creative process, enriching your readings and offering a new perspective on the traditional tarot system.

While it may not be for everyone, those who venture into mixing decks often find it a rewarding exploration of the tarotโ€™s possibilities.

Whether for enhanced divinatory depth, personal resonance, or creative joy, merging tarot decks invites an expanded dialogue with the cards and with your own intuitive practice.