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Can You Do a Tarot Reading on Someone Without Them Knowing?

Have you ever thought about someone and wished you could help or understand them better without intruding on their privacy?

This brings us to a rather intriguing aspect of tarot readings: Is it possible, or even ethical, to conduct a tarot reading for someone without their knowledge or consent?

Let’s delve into the nuances of this question and what it means for both the reader and the subject.

🌟 What I Think:
I believe that while you can technically do a reading for someone without their knowledge, it’s not something I would practice or recommend. Tarot readings are most meaningful and ethical when done with the full consent and participation of the person involved, ensuring that the guidance received is not only accurate but also respected and welcomed.

The Ethics of Privacy

Firstly, tarot readings are intimate. They often reveal innermost feelings, challenges, and potential paths forward.

➡️ Doing a reading for someone without them knowing treads on personal boundaries. Imagine finding out someone rummaged through your personal journal — it’s a similar kind of privacy concern.

Respect and consent are fundamental in tarot practices.

Intention and Energy

The intention behind the reading matters.

If your purpose is to guide or aid someone from a place of love and concern, it’s different from snooping into their life.

Yet, even with good intentions, the question of energy exchange arises.

Tarot readings involve tapping into energies, and doing so without someone’s awareness can lead to misaligned interpretations since their energy isn’t knowingly part of the reading.

The Accuracy of Unsolicited Readings

Tarot relies on the connection between the subject, reader, and cards.

Without the subject’s presence or consent, the reading might not resonate or could misinterpret the true nature of the situation.

The cards may instead reflect the reader’s perceptions and feelings towards the person, rather than the subject’s actual reality.

What You Could Do Instead

If you’re concerned about a friend or loved one, consider a more indirect method.

➡️ Pull cards for insight on how you can best support them, or on the dynamics between you and that person, rather than prying into their personal life.

This way, you maintain respect for their autonomy while still seeking wisdom.


While you technically can perform a tarot reading for someone without their knowledge, it raises significant ethical questions and the practicality of the reading’s validity.

It’s essential to navigate these waters with empathy and respect, always prioritizing the privacy and consent of others.

Remember, tarot is a tool for empowerment and should be used to uplift and support, never to invade privacy.