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Can Tarot Cards Make You Sick: The Truth

The question of whether tarot cards can make someone sick touches on broader discussions about the psychological and energetic impacts of engaging with tarot.

Something that prompted me to write this post is actually the fact that I recently fell sick after a reading I had done a couple of weeks ago. The reading wasn’t a particularly positive one for my circumstance and the same evening I fell ill. Was this a coincidence? I decided to reflect, do my research and have now decided to post what I think on this topic. Enjoy!

While there is no scientific evidence to suggest that tarot cards themselves can directly cause physical illness, the way individuals interact with them can have significant effects on their mental and emotional well-being.

5 Things To Know About This

1. The Psychological Impact ➡️

Tarot readings can profoundly affect one’s psychological state. For some, particularly sensitive individuals or those going through challenging times, tarot readings can evoke strong emotional reactions. If these emotions are not processed healthily, it could potentially lead to stress or anxiety, which, over time, might manifest as physical symptoms due to the mind-body connection.

2. The Power of Suggestion ➡️

The human mind is highly susceptible to suggestion. A reading that predicts or suggests health issues, even indirectly, can cause undue stress or worry in some individuals. This phenomenon, known as the nocebo effect, is where negative expectations about one’s health lead to experiencing symptoms. It’s crucial to approach tarot readings with a critical mind and not to take every prediction to heart, especially regarding health.

3. Energetic Sensitivity ➡️

Some people believe in the energy exchange between tarot readers and the person receiving the reading. Individuals who consider themselves energetically sensitive might feel drained or unwell after a particularly intense reading, suggesting a need for grounding and cleansing practices after tarot sessions.

4. Symbolic, Not Literal ➡️

Tarot cards work on a symbolic level, and their messages should be interpreted as guidance for reflection and self-understanding, not as direct causes of physical events or health issues. Understanding this can help mitigate any undue anxiety or stress related to the outcomes of a reading.

5. Seeking Professional Advice ➡️

It’s essential to remember that tarot readings should never substitute for professional medical advice. If you experience health concerns or symptoms, consulting with a healthcare provider is crucial. Tarot can offer insight and perspective but not diagnoses or cures for physical ailments.

What To Do If You Feel Sick After a Reading

Experiencing discomfort, stress, or even feeling physically unwell after a tarot reading can be disconcerting. However, several steps can be taken to mitigate these effects and restore your sense of well-being.

1. Ground Yourself

Grounding techniques can help reconnect you with the present moment and alleviate feelings of being energetically drained or emotionally overwhelmed. Simple actions like walking barefoot on the earth, deep breathing exercises, or visualizing roots growing from your feet into the ground can be effective.

2. Reflect and Process

Sometimes, discomfort after a reading may stem from the content that hits close to home or brings up suppressed emotions. Allow yourself time to reflect on the reading and process your feelings. Writing in a journal or engaging in creative activities can be therapeutic ways to work through emotions and gain clarity.

3. Seek Support

Talking to a trusted friend or family member about your experience can provide comfort and perspective. If feelings of anxiety or stress persist, consider seeking support from a mental health professional who can offer strategies to cope with these reactions.

4. Cleansing Rituals

For those who believe in the energetic impact of readings, engaging in personal cleansing rituals can be beneficial. This could include taking a salt bath, using sage or palo santo to clear your energy, or using crystals for protection and healing.

5. Take a Break

If tarot readings consistently leave you feeling unwell, it may be a sign to take a break from them. Giving yourself space from tarot can help you assess its role in your life and whether it aligns with your current emotional and spiritual well-being.

6. Revisit Your Approach

Consider the context and content of the readings that have led to discomfort. Are there patterns or common themes that might be contributing to your reaction? Revisiting your approach to tarot, including the questions you ask and your mindset going into readings, can help make future sessions more constructive and less distressing.

7. Professional Consultation

If you experience persistent or severe symptoms, consulting with a healthcare professional is crucial. They can help determine if there’s an underlying condition contributing to your reaction and provide appropriate treatment.

Last Thoughts

The belief that tarot cards can make you sick is not supported by scientific evidence but understanding the complex ways in which tarot readings can influence one’s mental and emotional state is vital.

Engaging with tarot responsibly involves recognizing its limits, interpreting its messages with discernment, and maintaining a healthy boundary between spiritual or psychological exploration and tangible health concerns.

For those who choose to explore tarot, doing so with awareness and care can ensure it remains a beneficial and enriching experience.