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Can My Tarot Cards Be Mad at Me? (A Dark Truth)

There’s an intriguing mystery that has hovered over the tarot community and sparked a fair amount of debate.

Can tarot cards, those time-honored tools of divination, actually hold emotions? More specifically, can my tarot cards be mad at me?

This article is intended to shed light on this unique question and others related to it.

Remember, tarot card reading is as much a journey of self-discovery as it is a tool for divination, and every journey has its unique perspective!

What we cover today!

🌖 Can tarot cards be mad?
🌕 What happens if I drop them?
🌔 What if someone else holds them?
🌓 Can my tarot cards be mad if they aren’t used?
🌒 What do I think about this?
🌑 Last thoughts

Can My Tarot Cards Be Mad at Me?

As far as we know, tarot cards don’t have feelings or consciousness like a living being.

However, this doesn’t mean that they cannot be influenced by your energy.

After all, tarot card reading is deeply connected to intuition, which itself is an expression of your energy.

When you handle your tarot cards with respect and positive intentions, this energy is transferred to the cards.

On the other hand, if you approach the cards with negative energy or disrespect, they may seem “mad” at you.

This isn’t because the cards themselves hold a grudge, but rather, they reflect your own feelings and energy back at you. This perception can be a powerful tool for introspection and personal growth!

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What Happens If I Drop My Tarot Cards?

It’s nearly inevitable – as we shuffle and handle our tarot cards, occasionally, a slip of the hand may cause a card or two to tumble onto the floor.

Does this mean your tarot cards are upset with you? Does it depend on which card you dropped? I’ve thought about this before many times, as I’m undeniably clumsy!

It’s true that some readers view dropping cards as a sign, perhaps that particular card has a special message for you, or it may simply be a call to ground yourself more fully in the reading.

However, it doesn’t mean the cards are “mad.” Instead, this could be seen as a positive occurrence.

It provides a unique opportunity to dive deeper into the symbolism of that card or to reassess your energy and focus during the reading.

What If Someone Else Holds My Tarot Cards?

In the tarot community, there are varying views on whether or not others should handle your deck.

Some tarot readers feel it’s essential to keep their tarot cards personal and untouched by others to maintain the deck’s energy.

Others see no issue with letting others handle their cards and may even feel it aids in a more accurate reading.

If you let someone else hold your cards and they seem “off” afterward, it’s more likely that you’re picking up on a change in the energy imprint on the cards, not the cards being angry.

This can be perceived as a positive thing, an opportunity to cleanse and re-energize your deck. It’s also a moment to reflect on your boundaries and what feels right for you in your tarot practice.

It’s best to go with your gut, if you feel that others shouldn’t handle your tarot, then that okay. Keep your cards close to you and politely let people know if they go to touch them.

Can My Tarot Cards Be Upset If I Don’t Use Them Often?

Tarot cards are tools meant to be used, and when they sit dormant for a long time, some tarot readers feel a shift in their energy.

This isn’t to say the cards are upset, though. Instead, the change in energy could be a reflection of your own feelings of guilt or unease about neglecting them.

The perceived “upset” of your tarot deck can be turned into a positive. This can serve as a gentle reminder to reconnect with your cards and your intuition.

Remember, your tarot practice is a personal journey, and it’s entirely normal for this journey to ebb and flow.

What Do I Think?

Personally, I don’t believe tarot cards can be mad at us. But I do think they hold certain energies depending on the day, how we interact with them, and how we feel.

Whenever we pick up “bad vibes” from our cards, I think it’s more of an inner reflection into how we are feeling that day.

Conclusion: Perspective and Positivity in Tarot Practice

The questions above all circle back to a central theme: our interactions with our tarot cards are deeply personal and can mirror our own feelings, intentions, and energies.

While it’s fascinating to think of our tarot cards having emotions or getting mad at us, what we’re really seeing is a reflection of our own energies.

It’s important to remember this reflection can be a positive thing!

Whether it’s the reminder to show respect to your tarot practice, to keep your focus during a reading, to set boundaries, or to stay connected with your intuition, these are all valuable insights that can guide you on your journey. So keep your mind curious and your heart open as you continue to explore the fascinating world of tarot!