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Can I Give My Dog a Tarot Reading: 5 Things To Know

In the expansive world of tarot, practitioners often seek to apply their insights beyond human concerns, pondering whether the wisdom of the cards can extend to their furry companions.

Can you give your dog a tarot reading? Here are five essential things to know about exploring the spiritual and emotional landscape of your canine friend through tarot.

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🌕 5 Things To Know About Dogs & Tarot
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5 Things To Know About Dogs & Tarot

1. Tarot Can Reflect Energy and Emotions

Tarot readings rely on tapping into the energies and emotions surrounding the subject. While dogs may not have the same complex thought processes as humans, they do experience emotions and energies that a sensitive tarot reading might pick up on. Such readings can offer a unique perspective on your dog’s well-being, mood, or the dynamics of your relationship.

2. Setting Intention is Key

When conducting a tarot reading for your dog, setting a clear and specific intention is crucial. Since dogs cannot verbalize questions or concerns as humans do, it’s up to the pet owner to focus the reading on areas of interest or concern, such as the dog’s health, happiness, or adaptation to a new environment.

3. Interpretation Requires Sensitivity

Interpreting tarot cards for a dog demands a deep sensitivity and openness to intuition, as the reader must translate the cards’ messages into insights that are relevant to a dog’s experience. This might involve considering the cards’ symbolism in the context of basic needs, emotional states, and the dog’s environment.

4. The Power of Observation

Combining tarot insights with careful observation of your dog’s behavior and body language can provide a more complete picture of their well-being. Tarot readings can prompt you to notice and reflect on aspects of your dog’s life you might not have considered, guiding you to take actions that support their happiness and health.

5. Skepticism and Belief

The effectiveness and appropriateness of tarot readings for dogs can vary greatly depending on personal beliefs. Skeptics might view the practice as mere projection or anthropomorphizing, while others believe in the cards’ ability to connect with all living beings’ universal energies. It’s essential to approach such readings with respect for the tarot and an understanding of its limitations.

Key Cards Concerning Tarot & Dogs

When considering tarot readings for a dog, certain cards might offer particularly insightful reflections on a canine’s well-being, emotional state, and the nature of your relationship with them. Here are five tarot cards that are especially relevant in readings concerning dogs:

1. The Moon

The Moon card, often associated with intuition, emotions, and the subconscious, is significant in readings for dogs. It can reflect a dog’s instinctual side and the deep, unspoken bond between you and your pet. This card might also indicate periods of confusion or anxiety in your dog’s life, suggesting a need for reassurance and comfort.

2. The Fool

The Fool represents new beginnings, innocence, and a carefree spirit, mirroring a dog’s approach to life. In a reading for your dog, The Fool can suggest an adventurous spirit, a willingness to embrace life’s journey with enthusiasm, and the joy found in simplicity. It can also encourage owners to see the world through their dog’s eyes, appreciating the moment and the simple pleasures of life.

3. The Empress

The Empress card, symbolizing nurturing, growth, and the abundance of nature, can offer insights into the care and emotional nourishment your dog receives. It might suggest a period of comfort and well-being for your dog or highlight the importance of providing a loving, secure environment that supports their growth and happiness.

4. Strength

Strength is a card of courage, patience, and inner power, reflecting the relationship between you and your dog, particularly in terms of training and mutual respect. It can indicate a strong bond forged through understanding and gentle guidance. This card may also suggest that your dog possesses a quiet strength or resilience that deserves recognition and support.

5. The Star

The Star card, with its themes of hope, healing, and renewal, is particularly poignant in readings for a dog that has experienced hardship, such as rescue dogs. It signifies a period of healing and a bright future ahead, filled with peace and tranquility. For the owner, The Star can represent the hope and joy a dog brings into their life, reminding them of the healing and comforting presence pets often provide.

These cards, when appearing in a tarot reading for a dog, can offer meaningful insights into your pet’s emotional world and your shared journey. They highlight the spiritual and emotional connection between dogs and their owners, encouraging a deeper understanding and appreciation of the unique bond you share.

Can Tarot Help Dogs?

While tarot cards themselves do not possess magical powers to directly influence or change a dog’s behavior or circumstances, the process of reading tarot for a dog can have indirect benefits.

It may help the owner gain insights into the pet’s needs or emotions they hadn’t considered, leading to more attentive care.

Additionally, the reflective practice of tarot can strengthen the bond between the owner and their dog, as it encourages thoughtful consideration of the dog’s well-being and the relationship shared.

FAQ Section: Tarot & Dogs

How should I interpret the cards specifically in the context of my dog’s behavior or mood?

When interpreting tarot cards for insights into your dog’s behavior or mood, focus on the symbolism and how it might relate to your dog’s well-being or your relationship with them. Consider the emotional and instinctual nature of dogs, and apply the card meanings in a way that respects this perspective. For instance, The Moon could indicate your dog’s intuitive side or periods of uncertainty, while The Sun might suggest happiness and vitality.

Can tarot readings strengthen the bond between me and my dog?

While the cards themselves don’t directly influence your relationship, the reflective process of conducting a reading with your dog in mind can heighten your awareness of their needs, emotions, and the overall dynamic between you. This increased understanding and empathy can naturally strengthen your bond.

Are there specific spreads to use for readings about dogs?

While there aren’t spreads designed exclusively for dogs, many general spreads can be adapted with the intention of gaining insight into your dog’s life. A simple three-card spread focusing on your dog’s past, present, and future, or a spread designed to explore the nature of your relationship, can be particularly insightful. Setting a clear intention before the reading is key.

Is it possible for a dog to disrupt a tarot reading?

Dogs are sensitive to their owners’ energies and may respond to the focused, contemplative energy of a tarot reading with curiosity or by seeking attention. While not disruptive in a negative sense, it’s a good idea to ensure you can maintain a calm, uninterrupted space for your reading. However, their presence can also add a layer of warmth and connection to the experience.

What if I feel disconnected from my tarot deck after attempting to read for my dog?

Feeling disconnected from your tarot deck can sometimes occur when shifting the focus of your readings or if the readings bring up unexpected emotions. Reconnect with your deck by spending time meditating on its imagery, shuffling it while focusing on your intentions, or cleansing it to reset its energy.


Giving your dog a tarot reading can be a meaningful way to explore your connection with your pet and consider their needs and feelings from a new perspective.

Whether or not tarot readings can directly benefit dogs, the practice emphasizes the importance of empathy, observation, and care in the relationship between dogs and their owners.

As with any spiritual or divinatory practice, the value lies in the intention, respect, and love brought to the process.