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Tarot While Listening to Music: (5 Things To Consider)

Integrating music into tarot reading sessions can enhance the experience, creating a conducive atmosphere for intuition, reflection, and connection. Music’s vibrational energy can complement the spiritual practice of tarot, potentially deepening your readings.

However, there are several factors to consider to ensure that music serves as a support rather than a distraction.

Music With Tarot: 5 Things To Consider

Before turning up the volume, it’s worth considering a few key factors first. These things cover the most important aspects of having music in the background during a tarot reading.

1. The Type of Music

Choosing the right type of music is crucial. Not all genres or songs will be suitable for tarot readings, as you want music that promotes concentration and introspection rather than detracting from it.

  • Ambient and Instrumental: Music without lyrics or with minimal vocals often works best, as it can provide a calming background without drawing too much focus.
  • Frequency and Vibrations: Some practitioners prefer music tuned to specific frequencies (like 432 Hz or 528 Hz), believed to promote healing, relaxation, and spiritual openness.

2. Your Personal Connection to the Music

The music should resonate with you on a personal level. If a particular song or genre elicits strong emotions or memories that might distract from the reading, it might not be the best choice.

  • Personal Significance: Music that you find uplifting, calming, or spiritually significant can enhance your reading, making it more profound and insightful.

3. The Intention of the Reading

Consider the purpose of your tarot reading when selecting music. Different intentions might call for different types of music.

  • Guidance and Clarity: For readings focused on seeking guidance or clarity, choose music that fosters a sense of peace and openness.
  • Meditative Readings: For meditative or reflective readings, opt for music that aids in achieving a meditative state, such as soundscapes or soft, rhythmic tunes.

4. The Volume Level

The volume of the music should be carefully moderated. It needs to be loud enough to create an ambient atmosphere but not so loud that it becomes a distraction.

  • Background Ambiance: The music should blend into the background, enhancing the mood without overpowering your thoughts or the reading itself.

5. The Response of the Querent (if reading for someone else)

If you’re reading tarot for others, their comfort with and reaction to music should be considered.

  • Communication is Key: Discuss with the querent beforehand if they would like music during the reading and what type of music they prefer.
  • Adjustments May Be Needed: Be prepared to adjust the music choice or volume based on the querent’s feedback to ensure the reading is as effective and comfortable for them as possible.

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The Bottom Line:

Yes, you can do tarot while listening to music, as it can enhance the atmosphere and deepen your intuitive connection, provided the music resonates with the intention of your reading and does not distract from the focus required.

Music For Tarot Example

FAQs on Listening To Music During Tarot Readings

Let’s run through some frequently asked questions when it comes to music and tarot. Hopefully everything you wanted to know will be answered by the end! If not, drop a comment and we’ll respond asap!

Can specific genres of music enhance tarot readings?

Yes, specific genres can enhance readings by aligning with the energy you wish to invoke. Ambient, classical, or nature sounds can promote calmness and clarity, while something more upbeat might be chosen for readings focused on action and motivation. The key is to match the music’s energy with the intention of the reading.

How can I select music that aligns with the theme of my tarot spread?

Consider the emotional and spiritual themes of your tarot spread. For love readings, soft, melodic tunes might set the right mood, whereas spreads centered on overcoming obstacles might benefit from more dynamic and inspiring music. Instrumental music associated with certain elements (water, fire, earth, air) can also complement corresponding tarot cards or spreads.

Is it better to use music with or without lyrics for tarot readings?

While instrumental music is often preferred because it minimizes distractions, music with lyrics can be beneficial if the lyrics resonate deeply with the reader or the reading’s theme. The key is ensuring the lyrics enhance rather than detract from the focus and intention of the reading.

Can I use music to cleanse my tarot deck?

Music, especially when tuned to specific frequencies, can be used as an energetic cleansing method for your tarot deck. Playing cleansing sounds or singing bowls around your deck can help clear stagnant energies, though this should be done with intention and possibly in conjunction with other cleansing methods for best results.

How does the volume of the music impact a tarot reading?

The volume should be set to a level that creates a supportive atmosphere without overwhelming the reader or querent. Too loud and it can become a distraction; too soft and it might not effectively contribute to the reading’s ambiance. Adjust the volume to ensure it complements the reading’s energy.

Can music be used as a focal point during a tarot reading?

Absolutely. Music can serve as a focal point or aid in meditation before or during a tarot reading, helping both the reader and querent (if present) to focus, relax, and open their intuition. Select music that helps center your mind and invites introspection.

Should I change the music based on the tarot cards that appear in a reading?

While not necessary, some readers might choose to change the music based on the cards drawn to reflect shifts in the reading’s tone or focus. This is a highly personalized choice and can add a dynamic element to the reading, though it may not suit everyone’s reading style.

Incorporating music into tarot readings adds a rich layer of ambiance and emotional depth, enhancing the intuitive process. Whether selecting music to set the mood, aid in concentration, or energetically cleanse your tarot deck, the key is to choose sounds that resonate with you and support the goals of your tarot practice.


Incorporating music into tarot readings can be a beautiful way to enhance the atmosphere, deepen your focus, and potentially increase your intuitive connection to the cards.

By considering the type of music, its volume, personal resonance, the reading’s intention, and the querent’s preferences, you can create a harmonious backdrop that complements the sacred practice of tarot.

Ultimately, the key is to choose music that supports the energy and purpose of the reading, allowing both the reader and the querent (if applicable) to dive deeper into the spiritual journey that tarot offers.