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Can I Do Tarot Reading During My Period? (Know This)

There’s a common question in the tarot community about whether menstrual cycles impact the practice of tarot reading.

This topic bridges both cultural beliefs and personal experiences, creating a space for diverse perspectives.

Can or should you do tarot readings while on your period? It’s something I’ve personally had to think about and deal with, so I’ll share my own subjective experience below too.

Lets talk about:
🌕 Does Menstruation Affect Tarot Readings?
🌔 Can My Period Enhance Tarot Readings?
🌓 Should I Read Tarot During My Period?
🌒 Should You Expect Readings to Be Different?
🌑 My Personal Experience

Does Menstruation Affect Tarot Readings?

Menstruation is generally not considered a hindrance to tarot reading. While historical and cultural beliefs have varied, contemporary practices largely regard menstrual cycles as a non-issue in tarot.

Some even find that their intuitive abilities are more pronounced during this time, potentially enriching the reading experience. However, this is highly individual and varies from person to person.

Can My Period Enhance Tarot Readings?

There’s a perspective that menstruation, being a time of heightened emotional and intuitive awareness, can deepen the tarot reading experience.

This belief stems from the idea that menstruation connects one more closely with their inner self and intuition.

However, it’s important to note that this is not a universal experience, and reactions can vary widely among individuals.

Should I Read Tarot During My Period?

Deciding to engage in tarot reading during menstruation is entirely a matter of personal choice and comfort.

Some may find that their menstrual cycle has no impact on their ability to read tarot, while others might feel more connected to their intuitive powers during this time.

It’s crucial to listen to your body and emotions, and make a decision based on what feels right for you personally.

Should You Expect Readings to Be Different?

Whether tarot readings differ during menstruation is subjective and can vary greatly among individuals.

Some people report feeling more emotionally attuned and intuitively connected during their period, which might influence the depth or perspective of their readings.

Others do not notice any significant change. It’s important to be aware of your own physical and emotional state during this time and understand that any perceived differences in readings are a personal experience, not a universal rule.

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My Experience

In my experience, performing tarot readings during my menstrual cycle has been quite insightful. I’ve found that during this time, my intuition feels more heightened, allowing for a deeper connection with the cards.

However, it’s also a period where I’m more sensitive, so I make sure to create a calming environment. I focus on self-care and listen to my body’s needs, ensuring I’m comfortable and at ease before starting a reading.

This personal approach has allowed me to embrace the unique energy of my cycle, integrating it into my tarot practice.

Last Thoughts

Whether or not to perform tarot readings during menstruation is a personal decision, influenced by individual beliefs, comfort levels, and experiences. It’s important to trust your intuition and make choices that align with your physical and emotional well-being.


Does Menstruation Affect Tarot Reading Abilities?

Menstruation does not inherently affect the ability to perform tarot readings; it varies based on individual beliefs and comfort levels.

Is It Better to Avoid Tarot Reading During Menstruation?

The decision to perform tarot readings during menstruation is entirely personal and should be guided by individual comfort and beliefs.